Black Diamond offers winter wear

Black Diamond offers winter wear


Fashion enthusiasts can have an array of winter wear to choose from this winter from the Black Diamond brand.

The collections were presented to them by local fashion designers Ingo Shanyenge at theNational Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) last Friday. The winter collections were a glamour of ready to wear and streetwear looks, which are the targets of Ingo’s brand. Fashion lovers were amazed by his work as they could not stop wowing every piece presented. Ingo says the show aimed at highlighting the rich history of Africa and its greater future.  “Everyone has a diamond in them and that is their talent but we need to showcase them as no one will do it for anybody and  for those diamonds to shine we need to polish them by putting in extra work,” Ingo reflects on the brand name, Black Diamond.

He adds that if people hide their talents and do not do what they are passionate about, then they will not inspire the future generation to work hard on their talents.  “My designs are for the young and working and the old that like glamour,” adds Ingo.

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