Divorce? In your wildest dreams!

Divorce? In your wildest dreams!

Sally and hubby K-Bozz have laughed off suggestions that they are headed for a split, with the wife often spotted without her ring.

But there are contradictory versions. Is the ring lost or not? First we heard you are divorcing while you maintain all is well. It’s bad enough to be spotted around town without your wedding ring and even worse to lose it in a hotel.

Sally, aka Boss Madam, has been turning heads for off beam reasons when she was seen roaming around at various events without a ring. The couple, which has been married for six years, strongly denied the rumours. They are happy together as ever, they said.

However, the lovebirds gave contradictory versions of the whereabouts of – or what had happened to – the ring. K-Bozz claims his wife has not been wearing her ring, because she misplaced it. Sally said she sometime forgets to wear her ring, just like any other married woman.

When contacted, Sally said: “I forgot my ring at a hotel in Lüderitz and I don’t wear my ring when I’m on stage. And where are you hearing all those things? From other artists perhaps?” the talented singer wanted to know.

K-Bozz responded: “We are not getting a divorce. She just lost her ring and we are in the process of replacing it.”
Not only did the natural singer lose her wedding ring, sources claim she runs the show at home. Yes! It’s believed that Boss Madam also runs the show at home, from finances, making him do house chores, babysitting and orders him around as she pleases. This was said by close sources that visited the couple on various occasions.
The couple met in 2008 and tied the knot in 2010.

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