Gazza on the Bible, God and rap

Gazza on the Bible, God and rap

Gazza has attributed his success in the secular music industry to God’s amazing work, attesting that he would otherwise not have been able to achieve what he did.

The charismatic rapper tells New Era Weekend that working hard and praying has gotten him where he is now. “Without God there is no hard work. It’s stated in the Bible that God does not bless a lazy man, he blesses those who work hard,” Gazza replied when asked about the secret to his success.

The rapper and self-styled king of Kwaito has had a breakthrough in the music industry ever since he stepped onto the scene 13 years ago with his debut track, ‘Tanauka’, and since then his career has been continuously on the rise.
Gazza – a baptised Seventh Day Adventist – is believed to go to Nigeria regularly for blessings and devotions, but he denied the allegations, claiming he is religious and does not need to travel to another country for prayers when he can pray in the comfort of his own home.

“The God that I serve does not live in a certain country. He does not live in Nigeria… Why do I have to go to Nigeria and get my blessing there, if I can just open my Bible and pray at home or go to my local church?” asked the outspoken muso.

The rapper was quick to back up his statement by making reference to a Bible verse to illustrate how God blesses people. He says he is nothing without God and he declares: “Put God first.”

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