Govt institutions shun Kavango West

Kavango West Regional Governor Sirkka Ausiku says that the response to her request for offices, ministries and agencies (OMAs) to set up offices to better attend to the people of Kavango West Region has been like a moving snail.

Ausiku stated this during her state of the region address at Nkurenkuru on Thursday.

“In my state of the region address last year I stated that the region lacks services and we expected OMAs and other institutions to have set up offices in Nkurenkuru by now – however to date the process has been observed to be painstakingly slow,” Ausiku said.

Ausiku told the community and officials who attended her address that her office will continue to convene the stakeholders’ forum meetings where OMAS will meet the regional leaders and community members from all eight constituencies to hear from them and brief them on programmes and projects in the tregion.

“These meetings take place three times a year. I think you will agree with me that this platform continues to be an effective information-sharing, planning and management tool,” she said.

Ausiku further reported that Kavango West in general lacks information on programmes of government and other institutions in the region.

“We have to remember that information and more specifically the appropriate use of information is power and without it you cannot expect development.”

“Therefore, I am once again appealing to all OMAs to speed up the process of establishing their offices in the region to enhance service delivery to the people,” she said.

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