I don’t need a blesser, I make own money – Meriam

I don’t need a blesser, I make own money – Meriam

Young and ambitious local and international model Meriam Kaxuxwena says contrary to rumours that she is dating a high-level blesser, she actually makes enough money from her fashion business to pay for her seemingly flashy lifestyle.

“To be honest, I don’t wish to have a blesser because I can afford myself,” says Meriam, adding that she gets her finances from her hard work, modeling career and by selling her MK swimwear outfits.

Kaxuxwena, winner of many international modelling accolades, has been traveling from one place to another – posting photos of herself at fancy hotels and expensive swimming pools. Just a couple of weeks ago she posted a photo with Samuel L. Jackson, one of Hollywood’s most renowned actors.

Critics had a field day, asking how the Namibian model could possibly afford all the luxuries, while she does not have a traditional day job, as is the case with many of her countrymen and women.

According to Meriam, traveling around the world and visiting luxury places does not mean one has a blesser. “For me, a blesser is just something that I’m not interested in for now and it’s also too early for me to have a boyfriend, because I’m too focused on becoming more successful,” she says.

“Meriam never won a national pageant or took part in any, has no job, but somehow pays her way to represent Namibia or Angola at un-heard of pageants and comes back with a crown,” one of the sources said, who asked to remain anonymous. When Meriam was asked about this, she responded that she did not know that people talk about her in such a way. “I’m too positive and negative comments do not define me,” she explained.

“Internationally I get money. People think modeling does not pay, but it makes money, depending on where you are working and who you are working with… I’m fully connected to the right people outside Namibia. I like to network… People will judge me because they only see me on social media,” she said.

Meriam so far has more than eight international modelling awards under her belt, including the Miss Hope International 2016 award that she won in South Africa earlier this year.

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  1. Peace   July 2, 2016 at 3:03 pm

    Namibians like knowing others people’s life hood,who stop you to be know worldwide as her that’s jealousy. Leave the young lady with her talent.


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