Female Donkey is not Mag/aisa queen but a trendsetter

Female Donkey is not Mag/aisa queen but a trendsetter

The social media has been abuzz with a dispute over whether or not Female Donkey deserves to be called the Mag/aisa queen because of her tantalising performances and commanding stage presence, not to mention her fashion sense that has raised eyebrows. 

Female Donkey, whose real name is Magdalena !Gontes, has been making waves with her Damara Punch music genre since she bagged the 2016 Namibia Music Award for Best Damara Punch with her third album titled ‘Pulling Up My Socks.’

Some say she should be called the Mag/aisa queen – and the voices have been getting vocal for the title to be bestowed on her. However, !Gontes maintains she’s just a new kid on the block, adding essence to the genre.

The songstress who visited New Era Weekend’s newsroom last week says she is “only” trying to take the genre to the next level without stepping on anyone’s toes.

“I wanted to bring the shine in Mag/aisa music because they all sound the same. I wanted to do something different. I don’t only sing Damara but I mix it with English and Afrikaans. I want to cross borders without copying,” she said.

The queen of bling laughed off the title dispute and was careful not to add fuel to the fire, stating that she got into the glam life just six years ago and will not claim any title because titles are for those who came before her. Her ultimate wish is that all female artists  find a way to rock together.

She went on to say that although there is lot of favouritism in the Mag/aisa industry, she will humble herself and let “action speak for itself”.

“I’m ready to take Damara Punch across Namibian borders and want to keep adding shine to the industry. Either way there’s no reason to hate. There’s enough room for everybody,” she said laughing.



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