Tate Buti the father, actor and businessman

Tate Buti the father, actor and businessman

The name Tate Buti without a doubt soars in local music circles. He is one of the local artists, among others, who have survived what has been described as a “hungry music industry”, climbing the ladder to the top with his Kwiku music genre.

Despite not taking part or winning any of the local music competitions, including the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) for the past few years, Tate Buti has made sure he has something up to his sleeve to save his family from hunger, through his music and other businesses.

But having been in the music industry for quite some time, there is more to Tate Buti’s life than that of a singer. One of the secrets to his existence is that he is a multi-talented artist, who can do almost anything to put bread on the table.

Although many people have no idea about this, Tate Buti is not just a performing artist, but an actor, a father and a businessman.

New Era Weekend caught up with Tate Buti in his studio where he is recording new hits for his next album, to shed more light on what he has been up to, what he is working on and his future plans. With his daughter next to him in the studio, Tate Buti explains how it is important for one to play a father’s role.

“You cannot forget your responsibility as a father, no matter how busy you are,” he says. “If I am not in the studio or running my businesses, I am at home with my children baking biscuits and fat cakes to sell,” he said laughing.

In his late 30’s, Tate Buti whose real name is Teeleleni Mumbangala is known by many as a Kwiku singer. He came into the limelight some few years ago when he went solo, after parting ways with his sister Janice – they used to sing together.

He later got signed by Omalaeti Music Production and debuted with the album titled Oshitenda, under Omalaet. Songs such as Ongundu, Efenge and Oshitenda from his first album are some of the hit songs that were well received and engraved him on the local musical charts.

To date, Tate Buti has more than nine albums under his belt. His recent album, Ekenya, which means rubber, was recorded and released under Omalaeti end of last year and was also well received, especially on social media, jukeboxes and radio stations.

Many also know about his performing half dressed, usually without a T-shirt, shirt or anything on his upper body, shaking his pot belly. When he was asked if he would still be performing half naked, he described the pot belly as part of his performance art act. “If I have to do it, I can still do it. It is just a way of expressing our talents for greater exposure,” says Tate Buti.

End of last year also saw Tate Buti debuting in the acting world with an Oshiwambo movie, Captain Kalola. The movie which was shot in the town of Oshikango, tells a story of a corrupt captain, whose presence is not always seen, but felt, and despite his dubious agenda, he is surprisingly determined to catch criminals and throw them in jail. Tate Buti played as main actor, Captain Kalola.

According to Tate Buti, when he acted in the movie for the first time, he felt “more energetic”. He says this was another platform for him to explore his other talents.

“I and my team are busy working on the Captain Kalola part two. The movie will be released very soon,” says Tate Buti.

Apart from that, Tate Buti said he is currently working on his new album, which will have between 14 and 16 tracks, to be released the end of this year. “I have plenty of names for this album. I can either title it Carrot, Biscuit, Bannana or Oshipatululo (key). I have not yet decided on the name, but I am thinking of taking it from those names,” he says.

He adds that his album will have many Kwiku songs, with a bit of hip-hop. “Kwiku is no more a genre to me, but a brand that I want to keep up with,” he says.

When he was asked on when he is retiring from music, Tate Buti says: “Every time I want to retire from the industry, my fans always ask me for ‘another last album’. For now I am just doing it for the fans. This is a way of giving back to the community, especially to my fans for supporting me all these years.”

Last month, Tate Buti shot a video for the song Inotila, taken from his album Ekenya. The song was shot by Basement Films and received up to 50 780 viewers on YouTube.

Tate Buti calls on all the guys to go get the smart cut. He says the campaign is a good idea and encourages all the men to get cut. “If you are smart enough, get a smart cut and be smart.”

He also encourages all upcoming artists to work hard in order to achieve what they want in life.


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