Where DStv is helping teachers in classrooms

Learners across the country no longer have to rely primarily on teachers to provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge as many of them now have a new way of acquiring knowledge.

Thanks to Multichoice Namibia, learners at 300 schools around the country now have access to a variety of informative and educational television channels through the Multichoice Resource Centre programme. The programme, which was established in 2004, is a partnership between Multichoice Namibia and the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

Through its outreach educational programme, the 300 schools each received a plasma screen television set and PVR DStv decoder with education programmes for free, courtesy of Multichoice Namibia. The programmes include NBC 1, BBC World News, Business Day TV, National Geographic Wild and Animal Planet, amongst others.

According to Multichoice Namibia General Manager Roger Gertze the outreach programme is in line with Multichoice’s purpose of enriching lives, adding that Multichoice Namibia plays a pivotal role in working closely with the government to achieve its developmental objectives as enshrined in the National Development Plans and those set out in the national Harambee Prosperity Plan.

“With education being our key focus area, Multichoice Namibia invests heavily in this field and our programme leverages our powerful digital satellite platform to make a difference in the lives of students and teachers. This without a doubt increases and enhances access to quality educational resources, primarily in rural communities,” Gertze explained.

One of the recipients of the Multichoice Resource Centre outreach programme is Mariental High School in the Hardap Region. The school received its state-of-the art plasma television set and PVR decoder on July 18. Education, Arts and Culture Minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, who switched on the broadcast of the educational programmes at the school, encouraged learners and teachers to look after and protect the property, and to effectively make use of the equipment for it not to accumulate dust.

The minister also urged the principal to give full mandate to the teacher responsible for the equipment to understand how it works and to make sure that the school management formulate a clear strategy to ensure that learners benefit 100 percent from the outcomes the equipment offers. “I will pay special interest in watching the examination results of this region. I will not accept a drop in the examination results, especially not after the plasma screens and PVR decoders were delivered here,” the minister cautioned.

The Hardap Regional Governor, Esme Issacks, echoed the minister’s sentiments and pledged to ensure that the donated equipment is utlisied accordingly. “I will go around to the schools where the plasma screens and PVR decoders are installed to see whether the kids make full use of this investment. I further undertake to keep the minister of education abreast with whether our children are deriving the intended benefits and strategic outcomes from this noble investment,” the governor informed learners.

Ewan Francois Orlam, a Grade 11 learner at Mariental High School, thanked Multichoice Namibia for providing the school with the resource centre. A top performer himself, Orlam informed his fellow learners that by watching educational programmes his grades have drastically improved.

“When my friends usually ask me how I manage to get an answer correct, I always tell them it is because of watching television. This resource centre will supply me with a world of knowledge as this comprehensive DStv bouquet is fully installed with all the educational programmes one could think of,” he said.

Orlam, who obtained straight A’s in the 2015 Junior Secondary Certificate exams said that by watching the revision sessions on the Mindset channel on the bouquet, he found that the approach in presenting science subjects was at an advanced level.

“I was completely prepared for mathematics and accounting. The programmes really boosted my end of year results. I urge my fellow learners to grab this venture with both hands. It was proposed that the programmes be presented during school periods but I would advise my fellow learners to take the initiative by offering up their afternoons to come and experience this educational bouquet as much as possible,” Orlam advised.

*Hilmah Hashange is an information officer for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Hardap Region.




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