A day in the life of … Armas Amukwiyu, devoted family man, farmer, politician

A day in the life of …  Armas Amukwiyu, devoted family man, farmer, politician

To many he is the guy donning red, blue and green Swapo colours in front of the television cameras and in newspapers, but the ruling party regional coordinator says he is not a man of many colours and that blue is his thing.
The politician spends most of his time with his wife of ten years, Vicky, daughter, two sons and some of his relatives at his thatched traditional homestead in Omuthiya, Oshikoto Region.

Although tough in business, the soft-spoken Amukwiyu likes giving and has helped churches, schools and individuals in various projects.

This is the portfolio New Era Weekend was introduced to when it spent a day with Amukwiyu who spent his morning in one region and rushed to sleep in another.

“Farming needs attention. It is like a woman, you cannot neglect it for a long time. You must visit it now and then,” Amukwiyu explained.

On this specific day, he spent the night at his farm Dooringkrom in the Otjozondjupa Region, and at exactly 05:45 Amukwiyu was up and started with daily exercise, which included a 30-minute jog.

“Medical doctors normally advise everybody that in order to keep healthy, at least your body must be in shape. So I took that advice and became addicted to that,” he said.

He does not have any religious programme in the mornings but admits that he always observes and acknowledges God.

Amukwiyu skips breakfast and explains that he does breakfast a bit later in the morning but he jumps right into his four-wheel drive and makes his way to the cattle post.

He farms with cattle, goats and owns some horses on his farm, which is also home to some game, including kudu, oryx and zebra.

He enjoys horse-riding from time to time and a Volvo is his favourite car but for him safety comes first.
“I like movies with a message as well as action movies but not those with too much violence.”

After two hours at the cattle post with his farm help, he turns to his farmhouse and has breakfast that consists of brown bread, orange juice and eggs.

At 12:45 he covers 300 km to Omuthiya in the Oshikoto Region where he arrives at 16:45. He then spends the rest of the afternoon with Vicky, the kids and the rest of the household.

The family sits down for an engaging dinner of oryx meat and mahangu porridge – however Amukwiyu maintains that vegetables and fish are his favourite food.

Dinner ends right before the news at 20:00 on the NBC channel which he never misses.
After the news the family joins in for a movie before going to bed.

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