AC Boxing Show – a new dimension in local boxing

AC Boxing Show – a new dimension in local boxing

Over the years, the sport of boxing has gained tremendous following internationally and particularly in Namibia. The latter has become part and parcel of the ‘boxing world’, unearthing its own unique African, international and world champions in different weight categories.

These titles were from different accomplished organizations such as the WBA, WBO, IBO and IBF, to name but a few.

The development of boxing through the few promotion houses locally has obliged sponsors to come on board for more financial support in various ways, while the increase in interest in locally staged boxing events with the purpose to highlight and showcase different upcoming (amateur) and established boxers, trainers and managers has captured the imagination of boxing enthusiasts.

Nations through corporate sponsorships have invested heavily in boxing events, while at the same time creating platforms in the shape of live television and radio shows covering events – providing pre-and post-match comments, analysis and contributions from commentators.

As it stands, in Namibia and some other African countries, boxing coverage has been included as content of ‘generic TV & radio sports shows’ and receives short segments for the sports slot followers, while this sort of lukewarm coverage is diluted with other news from different local and international sports codes.

It is against this background and with the ultimate aim to promote local boxing that the ‘African Connection Boxing Radio Show’ was conceptualized with details provided hereunder.

The newly established African Connection Boxing Radio Show is a weekly pre-recorded one-hour show aired on Energy 100FM every Saturday morning between 09h00 – 10h00.

The show is presented by local boxing guru Imms Moses, produced by Taffy Raw Media for GOtv Namibia, a product of Multichoice Namibia, the main sponsor of the show. The show started broadcasting on the 4th of last month.
The popular show serves as a platform for Namibian, African and International boxing, where all boxing followers can access the latest boxing news, reviews, events, profiles, critics, analysis.

It is a unique platform to discuss boxing as a sporting discipline, in depth. The show is aired from Unit F 11| Park Foods Mall | Kornalyn Street, Khomasdal, Windhoek – Namibia.

The show aims to integrate the Namibian boxing arena with international leading boxing trends in an effort assist upcoming boxers, trainers and managers to build on a sport that will produce future champions and keep Namibia on the world map as a producer of quality boxers.

ACBS involves the contribution of sports analysts, sponsors, sports officials, boxing commentators, boxers, trainers/coaches through exclusive interviews to create a more interactive platform.

The show provides an independent platform and aims to promote all local boxing promoters, their boxers, trainers and coaches. Everybody involved in the development of boxing locally and internationally will get invited to the radio show to contribute positively towards the growth of boxing.

Presenter – Imms Moses

Local socialite and unheralded boxing guru, the articulate Imms Moses, aka AC, a well-respected boxing trainer, analyst, matchmaker and younger brother of former Namibian boxing world champion Hitman, is the host of the popular show.

Imms is an avid follower of local and international boxing and has attended a series of boxing conventions globally, including the WBO Convention, where he was the only African in 2015.

He currently trains a number of top-class boxers and is a regular at ringside during local and international august boxing events. In 2015, Imms was hosted by boxing icon Floyd Mayweather (Snr) from The Mayweather Money Team (TMT).

Floyd senior is the father, trainer and mentor of the undisputed World Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather (Jnr). During this period, Imms attended a course on training amateur boxers and also shared visionary ideas on how boxing can be further developed in Namibia.

His has been globe-trotting in search of international exposure to the latest boxing trends, with the sole purpose of gaining vast knowledge which he aims to share with Namibian boxers, trainers, coaches and promoters.

Producer – Tafanji Nyirenda

Tafanji Nyirenda, also known as Taffy Raw, is a vibrant, innovative and creative media practitioner who has over the past years specialized in public relations, communications management, TV & radio presenting & production, other multimedia productions, voice-over services, acting and hosting corporate events.

A ring announcer of note, Tafanji is an executive member of the Namibia Boxing and Wrestling Control Board.
He became ring announcer in 2006 and has ever since officiated at numerous bouts locally, African and World Boxing championship fights under the Namibia Boxing Control Board, World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Organization (WBO), International Boxing Federation (IBF), International Boxing Organization (IBO).

Guests of the AC Boxing Show

As an independent platform, African Connection Boxing Show has attracted the contribution from well-known and respected sports analysts, sponsors, sports officials, boxing commentators, boxers, trainers and coaches from different stables through pre-recorded interviews to create a more interactive platform.

Production Company – Taffy Raw Media

Taffy Raw Media is a media production company comprised of a young team of inquisitive and innovative freelance professionals.

“Our aim is to create new avenues for market presence, awareness and revenue generation for our clients who are drawn from many sectors including but not limited to SMEs, corporate, industrial, educational, social, government and other business entities.

“We have based our entire service architecture on the foundations of innovative and creative advertisement productions using a dedicated and ever learning team of media practitioners. The company offers efficient, cost effective methods of reaching a broader audience and consumers for businesses’ success,” reads a statement from the production house.

Principal Sponsor – GOtv Namibia

GOtv Namibia is a product of Multichoice Namibia, the home of African television, and is committed to the delivery of family entertainment to Namibia. GOtv provides the greatest selection of local channels made in Africa for Africa. Their reliable service is one you can trust. Experience the digital revolution in your home.

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