Court hears horrific details of serial rapist

Court hears horrific details of serial rapist

Piet Kondjele Nakanene is a Walvis Bay resident who, according to the public prosecutor, is a serial rapist who honed his modus operandi with his first rape attempt of his cousin in 2006. The modus operandi was to socialise with the victim and escort her back to her place of sleep. He would then return, kick in the door and rape the victim. Two victims lived in different rented granny rooms in the same backyard where Nakanene resided.

In the case of one victim Nakanene followed, on foot, the woman who was on her way home using the route she normally took which passed nearby the premises where Nakanene resided in Kuisebmond. According to the indictment Nakanene pushed the victim to the ground when he caught up with her and attempted to rape her. He also faces another count of attempted murder for strangling the victim with his hands.

The first two victims were strangled and left unconscious. But he killed his last victim Benedine Letesia Baumgarten – the only victim whose identity the prosecution would reveal.

Baumgarten died of strangulation after he raped her in his room in Kuisebmond between March 12 and 13, 2014. He allegedly strangled her with his bare hands and she died in his room due to asphyxia. He faces a charge of defeating the course of justice for allegedly removing the dead body of Baumgarten from his room and dumping it in the dunes a distance away, and cleaning the yard of the room with a rake as well as destroying or in another unknown way disposing of a pair of shoes he was wearing during the period March 12 to 13, 2014.

According to the charges before the Windhoek High Court this week Nakanene went on a horrific raping spree after his first alleged rape attempt in September 2006, and is charged with three counts of rape that occurred in two different months in 2013, while one incident took place in 2014.

Nakanene made his first pre-trial appearance in the Windhoek High Court last week before Judge Christi Liebenberg. He faces two charges of housebreaking with intent to rape, three counts of rape, two counts of attempted rape, two counts of attempted murder, one count of murder and one count of defeating or obstructing the course of justice.

The prosecution alleges that in September 2006 Nakanene and the cousin were socialising in the same yard and thereafter went to their separate rooms in the same yard. But shortly after he went to the cousin’s room, kicked open the door and attempted to rape her.

It is further alleged that he used the same modus operandi when he managed to rape another woman who was not identified, on April 6, 2013. It is alleged by the State that Nakanene again after socialising with the woman and other people escorted her back to her room in the same yard where he stayed. During the early hours of Saturday, April 6, 2013 he allegedly again kicked open the door of her room and violated her. He is also facing a charge of attempted murder for allegedly strangling the victim and causing her to lose consciousness during the rape.

He is represented by legal aid lawyer Martin Dube.

His case was postponed to September 15 for another pre-trial hearing.

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