NPL sends Tshabalala packing … Doeseb develops cold feet on home straight

NPL sends Tshabalala packing  … Doeseb develops cold feet  on home straight

Whilst a dark cloud of uncertainty hangs over the immediate future of Namibia’s topflight league, the MTC Premiership, as a result of insufficient funds – league officials are in the meantime grilling each other in off-the-field antics in the boardroom.

New Era Sport has it on good authority that the country’s flagship league has sent its marketing manager, Ivan Tshabalala, packing for taking French leave.

Sources with intimate knowledge of the behind-the-scenes goings-on at Football House let it slip through their untamed tongues that the articulate and mild-mannered football administrator has been ushered through the exit door after he was found guilty of misconduct by the league’s Disciplinary Committee.

Tshabalala, who has been working without an employment contract during his two-and-a-half-year tenure as the league’s marketing manager, was found guilty of gross misconduct and summarily shown the door.

The brother stood accused of having taken unauthorized leave during the duration of the COSAFA Cup where he worked as marketing consultant during the two-week long regional tourney.

Our mole says Tshabalala is the victim of a witch-hunt within the NPL hierarchy. He questions the actual modus operandi of the ‘harsh’ decision to dismiss Tshabalala for what he terms a minor offence.

“He (Tsabalala) did not abscond from office as claimed by his bosses, he was requested to oversee the marketing arm of the recently concluded COSAFA Cup.

“The brother was just working for the COSAFA Cup like all other employees within the NPL, so why all of a sudden should he be compelled to file for leave while the same principle was not applied on his colleagues?” charged an irate observer, who requested his identity not be revealed for fear of a manhunt.

Several attempts to get comment from Tshabalala to hear it from the horse’s mouth about his next course of action proved futile, as his mobile went unanswered. It has since been established that he has left the country for South Africa to sit for exams.

However, sources close to the grounded football administrator say we have not seen the end of the saga, because he will definitely file a protest challenging his dismissal, as the man is desperate to clear his good name.
‘JJD’ develops cold feet amidst Martin’s libel suit

In an isolated case, the longstanding verbal feud between charismatic NPL Chairman Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb and local business mogul Sidney Martin, which was to be heard in court earlier this week, ended in a deadlock.

Doeseb has been dragged to court by the trigger-happy Martin, who seeks compensation in damages after utterances attributed to the motor-mouth NPL strongman described him as an undesirable object in the annals of domestic football. High Court Judge Hermann Oosthuizen postponed the hearing to the 24th of next January, at the request of Doeseb’s legal team.

Legal guru and much-feared retired trade unionist Steve Rukoro is representing the flamboyant NPL chairman while the uncompromising Martin has enlisted the legal mind of Johan du Plessis in his corner.

In the meantime, New Era Sport has it on good authority that Doeseb has developed cold feet and is anxiously on the verge of withdrawing his defence in due course. Sources reveal the mining mogul has finally realized that he would not have a leg to stand on and is ready, albeit with tail between the legs, to tender an official apology for his utterances.


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