Blacksheep’s video reflects images of a twist on Illuminati

Blacksheep’s video reflects images of a twist on Illuminati


Recently hip-hop and kwaito artist Blacksheep, whose real name is Naka Shimwino, released a video called ‘Twamana’ that has tongues wagging about its scenes that appear demonic.

Some have gone as far as saying the scenes resemble images displayed by people who claim to belong to the secret society Illuminati – in modern times groups believed, by some, to be hell bent on world domination on every conceivable front, from politics to economics.

And in an interview with New Era Weekend, Blacksheep said he deliberately chose those images for his latest video because he “wanted the storyline to portray my darker side”.

“It’s my way of expressing it all and showing that I have overcome it all. I have always wanted to shoot a Goth video, and working with both Maya Neto and the designer they both brought my concept to life,” said Blacksheep.

“The video is fresh and different. ‘Twamana’ was shot in two sleepless nights with a lot of effort and dedication. With a lot of work with makeup, wardrobe and choreography, the set itself was not a walk in the park either,” he says.

“I wanted the video to portray a gothic feel and look. With a storyline of a girl trying to get to the set dinner table with all sorts of weird obstacles in her way, such as fire and spirits. When she finally gets to the table she reveals her face and by looking at me her eyes change and all beings vanish from the table, leaving her alone on the table,” he continued.

Some of the supposed ‘Illuminati symbolism’ in the music video portray a secret society cult dressed in black and who appear to be inhuman because of their unusual eye colour.

The other signature clue is the odd interpretation and behaviour.

Blacksheep says creating music for the masses is the quote he lives by and ‘Twamana’, which means we are done, describes a walk in life he does not want to repeat and also clarifies he is starting a better chapter.

“I must say the dark side is over, it’s a closed chapter, that’s why I entitled the song ‘Twamana’ – nothing but a bright and challenging future ahead. I want everyone to expect bigger and better with every video I shoot and every lyric,” he said.

The video features Ryda and AJ Fresh and was produced by a highly talented Zambian DJ, Potpher.

The video was shot on a football field in Ongwediva by Maya Neto.

With the aim of putting Namibia on the map with his new album “Olufo lange”, Blacksheep explored out of his comfort zone by working with some of the best producers and artists – both local and international – and wishes to prove this in his next release, which is set to be launched later this year.

His love for hip-hop music started when he was 12 years old when he was exposed to gangster rap – listening to rappers like Snoop Dogg, 2PAC, West Side Connection, Eazy E, Bone Thugz, etc., artists who later influenced his own music.

Blacksheep released his highly-anticipated debut album titled “The Blacksheep Show” in October 2010, with his 2nd musical offering “Kalyampombo” released in 2012. “Exodus” was launched in 2014 with great reviews and lyrical content.





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