Yoga, wine and sushi go well together

Yoga, wine and sushi go well together


No one has ever thought that yoga, which we all understand to be an exercise of the mind – looking for that inner peace – can go well with wine and sushi. But apparently it does. And according to those who attended one such session, where those three elements are offered in one night, it is an occasion not to be missed.

Beauty Boois, of Yoga by Beauty, hosted her first session of yoga, wine and sushi last month. And it was a great success. She hosted another session last night – Friday – and plans to have many more sessions in the future.

Boois says the event is aimed at promoting health, happiness and wellness – all whilst having fun and networking with both seasoned and beginner yogis and yoginis.

“Yoga isn’t only for the flexible, strong or fit, although with practice one can acquire all these wonderful attributes. Yoga is for those of willing heart, mind and body,” said Boois in an interview with New Era Weekend.

The sessions take place at the Yoga by Beauty studio in Hochland Park, Windhoek. First on the yoga menu the yogis stood and posed as some focused on linking movement with breath and opening of hearts, with others focused on restorative poses with hip, hamstring and shoulder opening.

After these experiences guests then mingled and socialised with each other enjoying a glass of wine and nibbling on delicious finger foods provided by Beaulz Catering.

Thereafter, each guest was served a small sushi platter in the candle-lit yoga room, in a very mellow and hippie-styled setting.

“The event is really about sharing a fun and unique experience, which is the first of its kind in Windhoek,” says Boois.

Yoga, Wine and Sushi aims to create a space where health, wellness and fitness activities such as yoga can be made relatable and accessible to a diverse group of people.  It is an opportunity to step outside of one’s comfort zone and is really a fantastic networking opportunity too, she says.

Guests are always encouraged to dress in light and comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in.

Boois explained that yoga is basically an ancient discipline or practice, which has its roots in both India and Egypt. “Since its origins, yoga has found popularity and become a worldwide practice. However, this event is a great networking opportunity as well as the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long week of hard work,” she says.



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