Connie and Shona Ferguson continue to serve relationship goals

Connie and Shona Ferguson  continue to serve relationship goals

One would think that running a family‚ business and even acting together would be enough. But not for Connie and Shona Ferguson.

Labelled as the ‘golden couple’ of the entertainment industry‚ the two co-own a film and TV Production Company called Ferguson Films and often act together. And it is also no secret that they make the best team‚ given that they continue to produce highly-lauded shows such as ‘Igazi’‚ ‘Rockville’ and more recently‚ ‘The Queen’.
“Shona and I have great chemistry and synergy both personally and professionally‚” Connie told Move in a recent interview.

“We understand only too well that we will not always agree on everything so we have learnt the art of compromise. What is important to us is respect and knowing that we’re working towards the same goal.”
While it may seem that they have dedicated their lives to their work‚ Connie and Shona — that have two daughters and a grandson‚ insist on putting family first.

“It can be tricky sometimes when one is chasing deadlines‚ but our weekends‚ especially Sundays‚ are dedicated to family.

“We also make a point of going away as a family during work and school breaks‚” Connie revealed to the local publication the Sowetan.

Last December ‚ the couple celebrated 14 years of marriage in gushing tributes to each other on social media. – The Sowetan

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