Indeed a night of legends

Indeed a night of legends

Ras Sheehama’s ‘Celebrate the Legend’ concert lived up to its billing, except for one thing – which was both bad and good. There was an average turnout but that also meant that The Warehouse Theatre had enough room to dance to the music.

And dance a many people did. The most memorable items on the bill were the performances by Elemotho, who really had the house in the palms of his hand. So did Castro, who always delivers. The performer did what he does best when he takes the stage. Castro does these twisting moves that only an acrobat in a trance can execute while in between he somehow always remembers to get out of the trance and find his footing next to the microphone, to sing the lyrics in the most amazing voice.

But – and this is not to water down Ras’ main performance – Hishishi Papa’s performance killed the night. Most of which was his rendition of Ras’ ‘Push and Pull’ song. It was apt that the stage announcer, who called him to the stage, referred to Hishishi Papa as ‘the only Papa…’ Thereafter, there were young people who, by their own admission, would ordinarily only be seen snapping selfies with kwaito stars but this time could not get enough selfies with ‘The only Papa’. It is safe to say Hishishi Papa converted a few kwaito funs to the Afro-Reggae and contemporary reggae music genre. The concert was to celebrate the 50th birthday of Afro-Reggae singer and songwriter, Ras, who was born on 29 July 1966.

And he did celebrate it in style with tribute performances by the likes of Big Ben, the Savannah Afros, Exit, Sunny Boy, and Jackson Jr.

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