St Boniface headmaster tells others to step up their game

St Boniface headmaster tells others to step up their game

The headmaster of the country’s famous top school, St Boniface College, has urged other headmasters to work hard to achieve gold.

Mary Phyllis Yesudasan, who is at the helm of the best performing school in the country, says this can be achieved by not only managing schools well, but also by being involved in teaching promotional subjects and ensuring students get good results that serve as an example to both teachers and learners.

Yesudasan was responding to New Era Weekend this week when asked how she felt after the Kavango East’s regional education awards ceremony, held on Friday, July 29, where she received two trophies for being the top teacher in mathematics and physical science (higher level) in the region, as well as a trophy for overall best school. The only other school headmaster who received an award was G Mukata of Max Makushe Secondary School – who received the award for best teacher in economics.

Many teachers and learners received awards for first and second places. The awards are held by the Kavango East Regional Council’s Directorate of Education to motivate teachers and learners in the Kavango East Region. This was the first time the awards were held and is expected to will be held annually to acknowledge and award the best performing learners, teachers and schools.

“Principals must teach promotional subjects so that they feel the nerve of the school, whereby they can advise learners as well as teachers to do their best. As a school principal or headmaster you must set an example,” Yesudasan said.

The overall best Grade 10 learners were Chaka Ntelamo, Matomola Brian, Kakuwaezi Meriam, all from St Boniface College, while the best overall Grade 12 learners awards went to Matikiti Graig, Sikongo Pandureni and Moyo Rheinhard also from St Boniface College.

The overall best school in the region award went to St Boniface College, situated 31km east of Rundu along the gravel road, while the best junior secondary school in the region was Ndama Combined School in Rundu. The best improved school in the region award went to Rucara Combined School at Rucara in Ndiyona Constituency, 120km east of Rundu.

Learners from various schools also scooped second best awards in all categories.
The St Boniface headmaster further told New Era that the school will continue to be number one as they are prepared and have been working harder than ever before.

“We all should work harder. There should be strong, positive competition and then education in the region will reach greater heights,” she said.

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