I was depressed for the longest time – Boom Shaka’s Theo

I was depressed for the longest time – Boom Shaka’s Theo

In a revealing interview with Drum magazine former child star and Boom Shaka singer Theo Nhlengethwa has spoken out about battling depression and anxiety since 2014.

Theo explained that things took a turn for the worse after the death of the group’s lead singer Lebo Mathosa. He said Lebo’s death hit him years later‚ which resulted in him being in and out of hospital.

Public scrutiny and speculation over his health also impacted on Theo.
“People have said the most shocking things about me and it’s one of the reasons I landed up in hospital. I became a joke and a laughing stock. I don’t want to go back there‚” he said.

Theo spent months in hospital and was even incorrectly diagnosed with thrombosis‚ which is an illness that causes clotting in the blood. It was only after the singer was moved to another hospital that it emerged that he was suffering from depression.

“I felt rejected and became depressed and suicidal‚” he said. The good news is that Theo has clawed his way back from the ordeal and is back to making music. Judging from his social media posts‚ Theo definitely is in a happier space.
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