We found Chipolopolo – the musician

We found Chipolopolo – the musician

Although they say good music never leaves the memory, fans have been curious to find out the whereabouts of Chipolopolo, real name Jackson Haufiku, and the reason he vanished into thin air. New Era Weekend went out to trace the artist, who is currently working for the Namibian Correctional Services in Grootfontein. He was willing to speak openly about his music journey and his latest project.

For those who forget or can’t recall, we take you down memory lane on who is Chipolopolo.
Many or some would probably remember him for the single “Mr She-Me” featuring Sunny Boy, real name Soondaha Shipushu. He is also the musician responsible for the hit song titled ‘Ndikupe Ohole’, which saw him being nominated in the first ever Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) 2010 in the category of Best Song of the Year.
One could indeed say that Chipolopolo was once looked at as a promising musician, the one who could be the next big thing in music circles. But the artist went silent just after announcing the release of his debut album ‘Greener Pasture’ in 2011.

However, his first album never got released because, he says, he lost half of his songs at the studio, during the recording process when the computer crashed, and was forced to re-record. Ever since then, the music world has never ever again heard of Chipolopolo.

“I never stop singing, I have been busy featuring with different local artists, including Sunny Boy, especially on his latest album titled Pass the Hikwa, on the song Kuwilila. I have also been busy working on my solo project, recording new songs for my upcoming album to be released end of this year,” says Chipolopolo, now aged 33 years.

According to him, he was ready to release the album last year, but had to put it on hold when he was called up for training, to work for the Namibian Correctional Services.

“Things started to be tiring and moving to a new town was also difficult for me since I had to get used to the new producers that I can work with,” says Chipolopolo, adding that it was easy for him when he was in Windhoek where there are enough materials to work with.

Chipolopolo also got a lot of attention for his fancy hip-hop song “Mind Your Business” which took the whole of Namibia by storm over the years and was part of Sunny Boy’s second album, Elai Lineendunge.

Although the song is still enjoying the airwaves here and there, the artist says he is no longer a fan of it, since he thinks the song lacks maturity.

But he does admit that the hit song was his breakthrough into the music arena in 2006. The single “Mr She-Me” featuring Sunny Boy caused a lot of heated discussion as many thought the provocative song discriminated against Gazza.

The clash of the song went as far as some fans requesting it to be banned from airing on local radio stations.
Currently he has 15 songs done already, that focus on love and his life struggles. His music genres are hip-hop and dancehall. So far he has worked with Young T, Morgan, Yashe Tati Pii, Elvo, Sunny Boy and Headache on his new project.

Next month, Chipolopolo is set to release two new singles as a foretaste of his upcoming album. One song is titled Coming Home and another song is Musketeers, featuring Young T and Morgan. The hip-hop song is about how the collaboration came about.

Chipolopolo believes that the local industry is moving forward, especially seeing upcoming artists take over the industry with a newer style.

Asked how he is coping in the new town, the rapper said: “It’s quite comfortable, with loving people.”
“My fans must not give up on me, I am still coming with fresh and new music that will take over the industry,” says Chipolopolo.

Chipolopolo was born in Oshakati and grew up in Ongwediva, where he developed a passion for music, singing at school concerts and in church. The musician further developed his passion for music when he became friends with Sunny Boy in their teenage years and their friendship prompted them to form up Yaziza Entertainment in 2009.

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