Junias Jonas left behind in Rio…set to face trial

Junias Jonas left behind in Rio…set to face trial

Namibian Olympic boxer Junias Jonas has remained behind in Brazil to face trial for his alleged attempted rape of a Brazilian maid at the Athletes Village in Rio during the games.

Jonas, who was the Namibian flag barrier at the Summer Olympics, was arrested on suspicion of having raped a housekeeper. The 22-year old boxer was left behind when Team Namibia returned home on Monday.

The young Namibian fighter gained his freedom when Brazilian through a successful Habeas Corpus application, which came with a condition that he remains in that country under the guardianship of the Namibian Embassy while awaiting trial.

The writ Habeas Corpus is an important instrument in safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action. As in the case of Junias, he could have been imprisoned unlawfully without any recourse for securing his release.

Jonas’ case requires
financial assistance

Just a few weeks ago, chef de mission of Team Namibia at the just-ended Rio Olympics, Jesse Schickerling, called on all Namibians to financially assist the Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) with Junius Jonas’ case.

The boxer is currently in the care on the Namibian Embassy in Brazil. The NNOC has acquired the services of a top lawyer in Brazil to represent the boxer, an exercise which is anticipated to be very costly.

Besides the needed financial assistance, the NNOC also called for the intervention of the Namibian Government in the case to help in engaging their Brazilian counterparts.

Brazilian Legal Act of 1992 states the definition of attempted rape or rape and sexual harassment as one and the same crime. A judge in Brazil has said Brazilian laws apply to everyone – Brazilians and visitors alike. The penalty, if convicted, is between six and ten years jail term.
– www.nbc.na

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