Hardap honours literacy promoters

Hardap honours literacy promoters

A total of 11 adult literacy promoters in the Hardap Region were recently awarded with certificates of achievement for their effort in promoting lifelong learning to the illiterate community.

The awards were given during the official opening of the Adult Learners Week in Mariental on September 6. The annual event is celebrated the first week of September and coincides with the International Literacy Day celebrated worldwide on September 8.

Governor of Hardap Region Esme Isaack, who handed over the certificates to the promoters, advised the promoters to carefully plan their teaching activities, so as to encourage adult learners to attend the lessons.

She added that because of a lack of planning on the side of promoters, many lifelong learners tend to abandon their studies before completion.

“If you are not a well-planned promoter, then learners will become bored. Try to use colourful learning techniques to attract the attention of the learners, even if they are adults,” Isaack said.

In line with this year’s theme, ‘Promotion of ICT in delivering literacy and lifelong learning for sustainable development’, the governor highlighted the role ICT plays in literacy and lifelong learning, noting that any kind of technology can be used as a tool for extending human capacity.

“The mobile phone enables us to speak from wherever we are; television permits us to see what is happening on the other side of the planet instantly and the internet supports immediate access to and exchange of information, opinions and shared interests,” said Isaack.

Echoing the governor’s sentiments, Hardap Region’s deputy director of lifelong learning Aletta Eises-Thanises said if possible, adult literacy learners can be assisted by their children to set up applications on their mobile phones, such as WhatsApp, SnapChap, Twitter and Instagram, as technology is fast becoming the learning tool in society.

She further encouraged the community to empower themselves in order to full fill their full potential.
“When a person is not literate, you are open to abuse, misuse and ill treatment. Education does not start in school and does not end with a university qualification, lifelong learning is a lifestyle. Literacy is important and Namibia through the Ministry of Education, is investing greatly in education,” said Eises-Thanises.

The only Community Learning and Development Centre (CLDC) given the mandate to promote the provision of ICT among the community in the region is situated in Gibeon and has trained 91 members since 2013.

Another 627 members received training from community libraries across the region. Currently, the Hardap region has a total of 628 learners registered for the 2016/2017 lifelong learning programme.

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