Nambala win silver in Rio

Nambala win silver in Rio

Namibia’s sprinting sensation Johannes Nambala yesteday scooped the country’s first medal at thebongoing Paralympic Games in in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when he won a silver medal in the men’s T13 100-m race.

Johannes Nambala made it to the finals of their respective races at the ongoing 2016 Paralympics
Benson and Nambala were the country’s other two athletes to compete after Lahja Ishitile and Martin Aloysius had earlier represented the country.

Johanna Benson finished third in heat one of the women’s T37 100-m with a personal best of 14.23, mere seconds behind Georgina Hermitage of Great Britain, who finished first and equalled her world record of 13.39 seconds, which she set in May.

Yescarly Medina of Venezuela finished second. The final is slated for Friday at 22h36 local time. Meanwhile, Nambala reached the final of the men’s T13, 100m race with an impressive second-place finish of 10.81, second behind world record holder Jason Smyth of Ireland, who ran 10.76 seconds.

Smyth set up the world record of 10.46 seconds at the 2012 Paralympic Games that were held in London.
Nine athletes are representing Namibia at these games in athletics, swimming and powerlifting. The major international multi-sport event involves athletes with a range of disabilities and is governed by the International Paralympic Committee.

Team Namibia returned with two medals from the 2012 Paralympic Games – one gold and one silver, both won by Benson.

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