NamPower warns of bogus electricians

The national energy utility corporation, NamPower, has warned of criminals using the just-launched energy-saving campaign to break into or rob households.

NamPower has contracted electrical companies to replace up to six incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs in every household for free in all towns across the country, as part of the energy-saving campaign called 1mLED. One million bulbs have been set aside for the campaign.

Following recent media reports about unscrupulous individuals impersonating police officers and certain service providers, there has been increased public concern about safety and security in the homes, particularly regarding providing strangers access.

NamPower’s 1mLED Campaign Project Manager, Eino Nanjemba, said homeowners and residents should look out for the weekly installation schedules, which are published in the newspapers every Thursday.  These schedules state clearly in which towns and suburbs LED installations will take place and also specifies precise dates and times.

“The installers will be in vehicles that are branded with the campaign logo and their company logo, as they appear in the newspapers. Installers will also be carrying their campaign identification cards on which their personal details and pictures are depicted as well as their Namibian identity documents,” said Nanjemba.

He noted that the campaign will be rolled-out countrywide and project managers have divided the country into two installation clusters.

Nanjemba confirmed that Lex Technology would service the northern cluster, the inner parts of Windhoek and the eastern parts of the country. “Their installers will be dressed in green overalls, a reflector vest with a see-through pocket in which the campaign ID will be fitted,” Nanjemba explained.

The southern cluster, including the outer parts of Windhoek and the western parts of the country will be serviced by NamEnergy, whose installers will be dressed in blue overalls, also with a reflector vest with a see-through pocket that contains the campaign ID.

He added that the number of homes serviced on a daily basis would depend on the availability of homeowners and their willingness to participate in the campaign. He estimates that, on average, a small suburb can be completed in a day.

“The installation teams consist of three people comprised of a runner and two installers. The runner will carry out door-to-door pre-assessments to confirm whether there is an adult at home and if they are open to participate in the campaign. If the homeowner is willing to participate, then the two installers will enter the house, present the data gathering documents and carry out the installation, which is to replace the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. This means that only two people will enter the house,” Nanjemba explained.

The 1mLED Campaign Project Manager also advised residents to be on the lookout and to remain vigilant at all times. “Residents should have all emergency telephone numbers on hand, including telephone numbers of the companies installing the bulbs and that of the police in their respective towns and areas so that they can report when they observe anything suspicious,” said Nanjemba.

Homeowners are encouraged to take part in the campaign by providing access to their property and availing information required to complete the data gathering form. The installers will replace and retain the replaced incandescent bulbs. A maximum of six bulbs can be installed per house in sockets most likely to be on during peak times. The replaced incandescent bulb would be taken for reconciliation with NamPower after which they will be disposed off.

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