Salute Boxing finally off the hook

Salute Boxing finally off the hook

The new Namibian Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) on Friday lifted the suspension of Salute Boxing Academy.

New board chairperson Ellison Hijarunguru – flanked by Ronald Kurtz, an executive member and the board’s lawyer, as well as vice chairperson Philip Mwandingi – revealed that the new board’s first assignment was to deal with the boxing academy’s suspension.

The board was announced by Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service Jerry Ekandjo here on September 5.
Hijarunguru said at a media briefing in the capital on Friday morning that the sports minister alluded at the announcement of the new board that they need to clean up the image of boxing and this is one step in that direction.

Kurtz said he has met the legal practitioner, who was previously dealing with this case.
“We concluded that there was no evidence to suspend Salute Boxing Academy. There was no charge sheet on the case and no evidence to formulate any charges. That being the case, it was noted that the board cannot continue with the suspension, or any disciplinary action against the boxing academy,” he explained.

Kurtz also noted that the two parties agreed that no claims or counterclaims would be made by any of the parties involved. Salute Boxing’s lawyer Mbushandje Ntinda was clearly delighted at the lifting of the ban.

The academy’s owner, Kiriata Kamanya, was also happy with the decision and said they would soon announce some very good news. The board suspended Kamanya’s license on July 26, following reports of an unsanctioned bout outside the ring when a World Boxing Federation official was attacked at a boxing bonanza hosted by Salute Boxing in Walvis Bay.

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