Windhoek City Police concerned about break-ins

The number of house break-ins remains a big concern for Windhoek’s City Police, which are now urging residents “to replace worn-out lock and to keep doors, gate and windows locked whenever possible”.

City Police are alarmed at the number of break-ins reported at the Windhoek City Police station on a daily basis. “House and property owners and care takers should take note that house breaker, have resorted to pointing of firearms to get whatever is of value,” the City Police cautioned in a statement issued yesterday Friday.

City Police also expressed concern toward public’s often reluctance to open cases against offenders: “This defies the purpose of crime prevention and prevention of bad behaviours.”

This week the police were alerted to a house break-in and theft at the corner of Green Mountain Dam Road and Barlett Street, where three criminals had cut the chain with a machete to gain entrance to a tuckshop.

They then pointed a firearm at the owner of the tuckshop, who was woken up by the noise. No one has been arrested by the time of going to print, although the incident took place in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

There was also a break-in reported on Thursday, again in the early morning hours, this time in Romaine Street of Herero Location. A group of young men broke into a shebeen.

However, in this instance the community managed to apprehend one of the thieves and dispense mob justice. Police had to rescue him from the hands of local residents and escort him to hospital.

Again on Thursday three men were robbed at knifepoint by a driver and two passengers of a Toyota Land Cruiser in the Northern Industrial Area.

According to the police, the Land Cruiser was stuck on an uneven road and needed a push. The driver and passengers asked help from the three men to push the car.

However, the good Samaritans turned out to be robbers, as instead of assisting to push, they produced knives and robbed the victims of their possession before fleeing into the nearby bushes.

City Police also reported that this week a girl, aged between five and six years, died after being hit by a car on the road between Claudius Kandovazu and Hawaii streets. The accident happened during lunch hour.

“Pedestrian accidents, especially involving minors, remain a huge concerns. Parents and legal guardians are advised to monitor the movements of little children and their whereabouts at all times,” City Police said.

On Wednesday two pedestrian were slightly injured after being hit by a car while crossing the road. The public took justice into their own hands and beat up the driver, who had stopped at the scene of accident, as required.

“The City Police is concerned about members of the public taking the law into their own hands and advise the public to refrain. The law remains clear in this regard and anyone who will be found guilty will be dealt with accordingly,” the police said.

The pedestrians, Namuke Gottlieb and Iipinge Tobias, were attended to by the MVA Fund ambulance.
The City Police’ Traffic department has also accelerated the monitoring of transportation of workers on open trucks.

This week two companies, Chinese Railway Services and Namibia Protection Services, were issued with fines of N$4 000 each, for transporting employees on trucks meant to transport goods.

City Police says it will continue with the operation targeting companies transporting workers on trucks that are meant to transport goods, or which are not safe to transport passengers.

The penalties applicable to transgressors range from N$1000 to N$4000. The operation also monitors overloading, vehicle roadworthiness and licence discs.

City Police officers will be checking for valid driver’s licences and personal authorisation documents, as well as other relevant documents. Drivers are urged to always be in possession of their driver’s licence. If not they risk a fine of N$1500.

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