My Candid View: Where and how far are we Mr Doeseb?

My Candid View: Where and how far are we Mr Doeseb?

Speaking to a few football club owners and chairpersons this week it was quite puzzling to find out that the clubs – the real custodians of the game – are still in the dark about the state of affairs of the Namibia Premier League (NPL) as far as securing a league sponsor for the new season is concerned.

Since MTC’s announcement last month that it has with effect cut its sponsorship ties with the beleaguered NPL, club administrators and indeed the entire nation have since been in the dark about the progress made so far by the league authority in securing a new financial backer for the upcoming season.

NPL Chairperson Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb – as the man entrusted with the NPL’s steering wheel – has a moral obligation to update and report back to the clubs at least twice a month, just to clear the air as to where we currently stand and what are the overall chances of NPL securing a sponsor before the 2016 dusk.

I mean clubs have employment contracts with players and some of those players are foreigners who need to be catered for with accommodation, and at least some pocket money in order for them to see the day through – which means most clubs are currently just paying accommodation for their newly contracted foreign players without the knowledge of how long the situation will continue, which is evidently starting to take a toll on club owners.

That’s why I’m insisting that the league chairman Doeseb must come forward and tell us what progress have they made so far and should the clubs still hold on to their contracted players or not. We just can’t be at the mercy of NBC’s Soccer Pitch show to get such important updates – as league chairman he must at least call a press conference twice a month and update the nation and clubs on whatever progress there is.

Without playing the blame game, I don’t want to indulge in the old stories of how the league arrived where it is today, or Doeseb should have done this and that, no! What I want is a bit of transparency and integrity, where clubs are respected and treated as important stakeholders of the league.

It should not become a story of a lioness and her cubs – where the mother goes out to hunt and the cubs are left behind to just wait around, clueless of whether their mother would come back home with a meal or not – hence I say the clubs should not be at the mercy of Doeseb but should be kept updated on their situation, so that they also feel part and parcel of finding a solution.

Before we part ways, let me also remind the players that this situation is somehow a blessing in disguise for them because I strongly believe it has somehow taught them the importance of saving, while actively playing football, and also to invest in their education while they have the little resources at their disposal. Until next time, sharp sharp!!

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