Pulse – a refreshing alternative to traditional gyms

Pulse –  a refreshing alternative to traditional gyms

Born simultaneously in the bleachers of UNAM, a church hall in Windhoek’s CBD and a humble third-floor home-studio in Toronto, Canada, Pulse Health and Wellness has finally arrived in a place it is proud to call home.

With three equally educated, skilled and passionate women at its helm, this small Namibian start-up is anything but your average gym or fitness studio. The team consists of Nangado Kauluma, presenting strength and conditioning, Taimi Itembu, presenting cardiovascular fitness through Zumba and Ombazu dance fitness and Seodhna Keown, presenting flexibility and strength through yoga and Pilates.

Marrying a love for boutique fitness, community health approaches and meaningful scientific evidence, Pulse aims at educating Namibians, one class at a time, how to understand, experience and own their personal health and wellness.

Although these young women are very different from each other, especially as it relates to their fitness interests and instruction disciplines, they have formed a tight bond with the knowledge that none of their individual approaches or disciplines is the only one or that one is superior to the other.

Instead, the three women have found solace in the wisdom that the optimum fitness one can achieve lies somewhere between their discipline triumvirate: cardiovascular fitness, strength and conditioning, and flexibility.

Kauluma is the creator of a short intense workout called ‘hiitcamp’ and is passionate about resistance training and body conditioning workouts, especially for women who classically hold now-disproven beliefs about weight-training and fat-loss. Her classes focus on form and intensity while increasing individual strength and improving self-concept. In addition to this, she enjoys educating women about commonly challenging wellness topics ranging from disease-management to softer issues of body-image, for example. Kauluma is a graduate in Exercise and Health Science from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She is currently taking a break from her Master’s in Public Health at UCT School of Public Health: Epidemiology and Biostatistics studies while she enjoys the sacred moments of early motherhood. She has accumulated a total of 15 years’ work across the public health and fitness industries.

Itembu is a native of Namibia born and raised in Windhoek. She grew up with a basketball in her hands, running shoes on her feet and a passion for dance. From age 8 to 18 she was a competitive swimmer, basketball player, track and field athlete in 100m, 200m and long jump, and squash player. She has a degree in Political Science and Psychology from St Francis Xavier University and is a certified Group Fitness Specialist with Can-Fit-Pro Canada.

Her love for dance empowered her to train as a Zumba instructor. She obtained her Zumba certificate in 2010 while cultivating a deep interest in both physical and mental health wellness.

Keown holds a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Toronto and an Honours degree in Kinesiology. She has worked extensively in public health policy and planning, organisational health and wellness, population health planning and behaviour change, individual and group health accountability coaching, international development and grassroots community engagement work. Seodhna is also an experienced yoga, Pilates, meditation and breathing instructor and teacher trainer. She is passionate about supporting people to find their way back to feeling a sense of vitality and health. Her work has spanned government offices, corporate boardrooms, yoga studios, large conferences and intimate community settings.

In addition to their studio offering, in Shop 42A at the Old Breweries Complex in the centre of Windhoek, Pulse is also skilled in workplace wellness programming and team-building and believes that the next wave of wellness will be seen in corporate boardrooms in the form of informative and interactive seminars, as well as in corporate yards or rooftops, where fitness and wellness sessions can be delivered to entire employee-bases with ease and comfort. They also host topic-specific seminars in their studio where employees can learn, for example, how to eat well during the workday or keep active and productive in the workplace.


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