‘Uushimba’ to screen at Afrikikas

‘Uushimba’ to screen at Afrikikas

The film ‘Uushimba’ is set to make its mark at the international film festival, the African Children’s Film Days Kassel (Afrikikas), today [17 September] in Windhoek. This would be the first screening of the film for a wider audience, after its premiere in July. From Afrikikas ‘Uushimba’ would head to the Zimbabwe International Film Festival that takes place in Harare from 1 to 8 October.

“It is an amazing thing for the film to be recognised at an international platform, that just shows how much of work everybody who was involved on the project has put in, so again big ups to the cast and crew for a job well done,” said producer Gustav Nuuyoma.

Director Khama Nakanduungileh when asked how he feels about the invitation to the two festivals said: “I am thrilled, and I just hope we get to showcase ‘Uushimba’ at more international film festivals, such as the Pan African Film Festival.”

“I also hope Namibian companies and investors see what’s happening so that they can start investing in the film industry,” said Nakanduungileh.

Film star Gustav Nuuyoma is the lead actor as Hangula, Jason Shivute as Tangeni, Elago Ndapewa Shitaatala as Katrina, James Paulus as Kalipi and Kondja “Laukey” Lungameni plays Gibson, with the creative and aspiring Namibian Director Khama Nakanduungileh directing the screenplay by Perivi Katjavivi inspired by an original story from Fellemon Ndongo.

‘Uushimba’ is a story that revolves around a young visual artist, Hangula, who arrives in the city seeking greener pastures. He gets caught up with his cousin, Tangeni’s thuggish life and becomes a recruit in Tangeni’s gang.  An opportunity presents itself for Hangula to pursue his ambitions of a career in becoming an established painter and sculptor, but Tangeni convinces him to carry out one last robbery with them where after he is to help him realise his dreams.

Optimistic Media Group along with the Namibia Film Commission (NFC) made sure the film is not a repetition of already seen movies and also ensured the film has a cast made up of mostly young actors, who are new to film.

The film, which was shot within a week at different scenes in the northern part of Namibia, Okahandja and within Windhoek, also features one familiar face – Jekonia ‘Ndjeke ya Malimba’ Akuunda the star of the popular ‘Konalenale’ movie series.

Today’s screening starts at 16h00 at the Zoo-Park Theatre. Entrance fee is N$30.


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