Disgruntled footballers form cartel to tackle problems

Disgruntled footballers form cartel to tackle problems

In what could be interpreted – and rightly so – as the last kick of a dying horse, several disgruntled stakeholders in the Namibian football family has resolved to form a cartel in an effort to tackle the seemingly unending challenges facing domestic football.

Aggrieved former and current footballers worried sick about their immediate future are seeking an audience with the Namibia Premier League (NPL)’s invincible Board of Governors (BoG) to address a number of issues of pertinent importance.

The disgruntled footballers, under the stewardship of outspoken coach Woody Jacobs, held an emergency meeting at Eldorado High School Hall on Thursday night to garner support amongst the affected parties.

The well-attended gathering resolved to elect a task force mandated to communicate the aggrieved footballers’ plight to the BoG, under the banner of the Football Stakeholders’ Forum (FSF).

Those in attendance strongly felt the fragile financial situation of the country’s flagship league should not be treated in isolation, as it affects the entire football fraternity in many respects.

The appointed committee was tasked to engage the NPL BoG in round-the-table negotiations in an effort to address issues and problems that threaten to derail the progress of domestic football.

Oblivious to the fact that it does not have any legal standing to remove the under-fire NPL administration, any mooted ambitions to elbow the current NPL executive out of office in the shape of a motion of no confidence were thus defused.

As it stands, only the league affiliates can remove the current NPL hierarchy from office only through a ballot unleashed by its affiliates. The committee has been tasked to engage the BoG, interrogate the root of the cash-strapped league’s unending financial woes and come up with tangible solutions.

It was also felt that most stakeholders have not been properly informed and briefed about the current quagmire in which NPL currently finds itself entangled.

“It’s our sincere conviction that these issues have not been properly articulated to the authorities, hence our decision to call this committee to life, so that these problems are addressed in the most appropriate way.

“Needless to say, we want government intervention, because should football come to a standstill it would definitely affects the livelihood of not only the players, but their dependents, vendors, security personnel and many other professionals directly and indirectly,” Jacobs explained.

The six-member committee comprises of the football guru and former shrewd league administrator, Uncle Bobby Sissing, Bertus Bock, Woody Jacobs, Alfred Ndyenge, Costa Kheiseb and Olsen Kahiriri.

It was also suggested to revamp the league’s entire marketing strategy by appointing professional people with appropriate knowledge and expertise to solicit finding for the league on commission basis.

As opposed to smoothly run international football leagues, Namibia does not engage professionals in sponsorships negotiations, a situation many believe leaves the league extremely vulnerable in terms of leverage.

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