Nekundi reveals new SPYL blueprint

Nekundi reveals new SPYL blueprint

According to the acting secretary of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), Veikko Nekundi, the league has a new blueprint, a programme of activities that the young vanguard of Swapo – but seemingly less militant – want addressed as part of the ‘no one should be left out’ mantra of President Hage Geingob.

High on the list of that programme of activities is the provision of social housing. “The programme of the party is to ensure that we deliver quality services to the citizens. We have just recently submitted to the secretary general of the party a proposal that we should be able to provide social housing for the people,” Nekundi said.

“The SPYL central committee has endorsed the motion that we need have a national minimum wage,” Nekundi added.

“Social cohesiveness is a key element of ensuring that there is no gap between the rich and the poor. Everybody must work in unison. A month ago we donated wheelchairs to the disabled people in Omusati Region. We donated the blankets to needy young people and the vulnerable,” he said.

New Era Weekend sat down with Nekundi to find out what the league’s planned activities are, seeing that lately the league has been spending much of its time on public discussions surrounding ongoing leadership disputes, division and social media spats among its members.

Nekundi maintains that today’s SPYL and its leadership is in “a progressive and stable state” and remains focused on carrying out its mandate of being the “transmission belt” of the Swapo Party’s ideologies and agenda among young people.

SPYL is also committed to ensuring that procedures in the league, as well as in the main party are adhered to, and that officials and administrators carry out their duties within the context of the rules and regulations of the party.

He, nevertheless, says just as with many other political organisations the youth wing has to engage and address boardroom politics as they arise, but this would not necessarily mean the ship is not sailing smoothly.

“The youth league is progressively and stable. We’re saying we’re a transmitting belt of the policies, programmes and ideology of the mother party. We will continue to advocate for all the members to understand and appreciate the party ideology,” Nekundi explained.

On mending the rifts within the SPYL, Nekundi is of the opinion that: “What is paramount is to ensure that the leadership operates on the premise of the [party] constitution in everything that is undertaken.

“Only when things are done in line with the constitution then everything will fall in place. There is a need for everybody to adhere to the constitution and code of conduct of the party,” he says.

“If the person does not want to respect the constitution of the organisation, there is nothing you can do to this person, apart from ensuring that all processes as in the constitution are taken into context, so that everybody behaves and acts in uniformity and progress.”

Regarding his popularity among youth politicians, Nekundi noted that what is important is for every person to be able to support the movement and not individuals.

“Let us support the activities and tasks we’re carrying out. As acting secretary I must support all structures of the SPYL and that is the only way we can create synergies,” he says.

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