Football guru slams Doeseb as being unfit to manage NPL… urges him to call it a day

Football guru slams Doeseb as being unfit to manage NPL… urges him to call it a day


Local football guru Hendrik Christiaan has urged embattled Namibia Premier League (NPL) chairman Johnny “JJD” Doeseb to step down from his plum position with immediate effect in the best interest of domestic football.
The often-controversial but astute football administrator says Doeseb lacks the technical and administrative acumen to run the country’s flagship league.

He further alleges that the flamboyant youthful businessman is unfit to be at the helm of the NPL, due to his apparent shoddy dealings or rather unbecoming conduct in the matter of Rudolf Bester’s transfer fees.
“Doeseb is a total disgrace to the oath of Namibian football. He claimed a large chunk of Bester’s transfer money from his former South African Professional Soccer League (PSL) outfit Orlando Pirates.

“As a founding member of the NPL I cannot sit arms folded and watch people enrich themselves at the expense of unsuspecting young athletes. We don’t want such leaders in our football – he must just do the honourable thing and resign,” he added.

Doeseb stands accused of having given himself a large portion of the moolah from Bester’s transfer deal, in his capacity as a self-proclaimed middleman. However, a furious Bester is having none of that and accuses his former mentor of acting in bad faith.

Christiaan also took aim at the NPL, questioning the league’s modus operandi. “The NPL is like an aircraft without a pilot because it operates in a vacuum with no properly structured competition rules. From what I gathered, the old rules were last year repelled by the Namibia Football Association (NFA) – thus leaving the league to conduct its operations without directives.”

He appealed to the league hierarchy to organize a congress as a matter of urgency and set up new competition rules.
Christiaan blames the dwindling crowds at NPL matches on poor administration and amateurish outdated marketing strategies.

“I’ve been out of football for sixteen years now … I found it shocking to say the least. I will have to admit the football is substandard but alas this should not be confused with lack of talent.”

“Seriously, Namibia is blessed with highly gifted footballers and is far better than both South Africa and Botswana where it concerns natural talent. The buck stops with leadership and in all honesty it goes beyond any comprehension as to how somebody like Frans Mbidi became NFA president,” he added.

“Mbidi has never managed a football team in his entire life apart from being a coach, while lacking in the area of the four basic aspects of international football, namely coaching, refereeing, administration and medics.

“We need to appoint credible marketers to solicit decent sponsorship on the league’s behalf against a commission, but I must also admit that we currently don’t have a good product to sell that gives our partners much deserved exposure and mileage.”

Christiaan said league officials should start looking at innovative ways of managing the league if Namibia is to take football to another level, such as introducing incentives for away wins to entice teams and players to lift their game.
“For example, we can increase the points tally when playing away from home as such practice will lift the morale of players.”

He also called on league authorities to change the season’s calendar.
“Our climate does not tie with the current set-up and must be looked into for possible changes. Playing football in searing heat has a serious impact on the overall performance of athletes, because they become easily exhausted and cannot perform to their maximum ability.”

In his parting shot, Christiaan said the current state of domestic football has become a national concern and encourages football followers to call for a national indaba or public debate to arrest the current quagmire in which Namibian football finds itself entangled.

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