My Candid View: NPL needs a complete fumigation

My Candid View: NPL needs a complete fumigation

To be quite honest, I am still struggling to catch my breath as keeping pace with the never-ending blunders of the Namibia Premier League (NPL) is no longer a small feat. Still left in a daze by the mediocre show put up by the NPL during their so-called sponsorship announcement, I think it’s about high time we call a spade a spade and a spoon a spoon.

Without going into the well-documented history of how the NPL threw away the MTC sponsorship and how they failed to clean up their mess by again failing to secure a replacement for MTC, let me take this opportunity to go bare teeth and nails at NPL chairman Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb.

Again, I believe that at this point in time I don’t have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Doeseb has a serious case to answer to Namibians – particularly to the real custodians of the game the players – as to how a league that was worth some millions a few months ago is now on the brink of becoming prey to stray dogs.

Yes, I also know that most of these decisions taken by the NPL are collective resolutions endorsed by the league’s Board of Governors (BoG) but unfortunately just like in any other business set-up, whenever a company finds itself on its knees, the captain of that ship (in this case Doeseb) is required to step forward and answer for the mess the company is going through and provide solutions on how it will recover.

Hence on that note, Doeseb has two options. He either comes clean and tells the nation that he does not have the acumen required to carry the NPL through and thus he is going to do the most honorable thing, which is to resign. Or he finds a solution to the chaos the NPL finds itself in by stepping up his game and starts talking to serious partners who are willing to invest money in football. Not the jokes you presented on Thursday at Football House, being referred to as new league sponsors.

If Doeseb and his sidekicks are further left unchecked, only god knows what would be left as debris when the storm finally subsides. Mark my words!

Just as was the case with FIFA under Blatter, where the powers of infallibility, unaccountability, impunity and not to mention the omnipotence that FIFA conferred on itself, giving birth to a leadership that had absolute power even over sovereign states whose football associations are affiliated to FIFA, Namibians should not allow such a situation to unfold itself as the outcome would be regrettable.

Football House has over the years become a birds’ nest, so much to the extent that it can be likened to an ant pit where we see the same old faces in local football roaming the corridors of Football House, all seeking favours from the so-called “big bosses”.

We can’t have a few well-connected individuals dictate the destiny of our beloved game and them to be allowed to ruin the lives of hundreds of young footballers.

So as per the moniker of this column, my candid view is that Doeseb should save himself from further humiliation and step down. And as he leaves the NPL office, he should take along with him all his friends, family members and cronies who have all overstayed their welcome. I mean it’s clear, they no longer have anything to offer to football but to keep maintaining their overblown bellies and living lavish unaudited lifestyles.

Namibian football administration requires a complete fumigation and it must start with the immediate end to Doeseb’s reign. But like we always say, the ball is in the hands of the clubs, they are the ones to decide. Until next time, sharp sharp!!

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