Remember the past to build the future – Schlaga

Remember the past to build the future – Schlaga

It was on Tuesday evening this week that the German Ambassador to Namibia Christian Mattias Schlaga called for a small gathering at the Embassy residence in Windhoek to celebrate Germany’s 26th German Day of National Unity since the Berlin Wall came down in 1990 – the same year Namibia gained its independence from colonial South African rule.

And he used the occasion to stress the importance of recognising the past of both Namibia and Germany in order to create a prosperous future for both countries.

“Historic events like the fall of the Berlin Wall, German unity and the independence of Namibia did not just happen: it took courageous people with unwavering braveness to bring about Namibia’s freedom and Germany’s unity. That’ why remembering Namibian independence and the unity of Germany in the same year calls for a double celebration,” Schlaga said.

Germany has come a long way with the repatriation and genocide process and the progress has been widely published and scrutinized, he said. But one thing is for sure and that is that Germany and its partners in various projects in Namibia will stay truthful and loyal to Namibians by increasing support through various educational and agricultural programmes, he added.

“These projects are all aimed at empowering the Namibian youth through education and training, while a big number of NGOs are also very active in the field, supporting educational programmes, supplying daily meals, school uniforms, water installations and books to those in rural areas most in need of these basics,” he observed.

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