‘The 3rd Will’ drama series debuts on nbc1

‘The 3rd Will’ drama series debuts on nbc1

A locally produced television drama series ‘The 3rd Will’ premiered for the first time this week on the national broadcaster channel, nbc1.

The series revolves around a family inheritance feud. The series centres around Mr Kamati, a self-made millionaire, who owned a meat exporting company, Meat Expo. He started his business career from humble beginnings; his business acumen saw his establishment making it into the most lucrative international meat markets by exporting beef to different parts of the world. Kamati started as a young farmer and his hard work, dedication earned him a fortune.

He had two sons Thomas and Michael Kamati by two women Maureen Jacobs (the mistress) and Mrs Annely Kamati the wife.

In his last will and testament, the late Kamati appointed Michael Kamati, his second born, to be the heir of Meat Expo. However this did not go down well with his wife when she landed her hands on the will.

Episode one had many Namibians glued to their screens in anticipation and excitement to see a truly Namibian product on nbc television.

The local series is scheduled to broadcast weekly on Wednesdays on nbc1 at 19h00. The premier took place at the broadcaster’s headquarters in Northern Industria and saw the cast, producers and directors gathered as the series took to Namibian screens across the country.

The series is locally produced by a joint venture between BVL and FB film production companies with a cast of proudly Namibian talent. The first season will run for three months with thirteen episodes. The production companies and actors have also just recently wrapped up season two. Standard Bank also came on board as strategic sponsors for the show to enable the producers and directors to take it to the next level.

“We commend local producers and directors for contributing towards the film industry and producing products that the Namibian people can truly be proud of. This is a giant leap in the right direction to grow the Namibian film industry and I urge more producers, directors and production companies to produce local content for broadcast on the nbc,” said NBC Director-General Stanley Similo.

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