‘Matric farewell just like getting married’

‘Matric farewell just like getting married’

A matric farewell is a formal gathering for those about to leave high school. It is ideally held near the end of the secondary school term. The question is whether the event remains exciting to learners.

“You feel like you are getting married,” said Concordia College Grade 12 pupil Magreth-Rose Winnie Kangootui, who recently attended their matric farewell party at Heja Lodge. She said the excitement is there. For her matric farewell, Kangootui wore a stunning red dress and instead of high heels she wore Superstar Adidas sneakers.
“I am not a high-heel kind of person,” she says.

But at the same time, Kangootui said, it is also stressful as one keeps thinking whether one will look pretty enough.
Her outfit was complemented by light make-up, a hair-do, manicure and self-confidence. “The inspiration of the dress was a combination of other dresses – my sister and I put ideas together. We also drew ideas from other people’s matric dresses.”

For Kangootui the matric dance day signifies that you have reached the end of your long high school journey.
“Some learners spent twelve, thirteen or fourteen years to finish school. The party shows you have made it,” remarked Kangootui, who is the outgoing head girl. She recently handed over her badge to next year’s head girl. She plans on studying law or public relations.

Kangootui said apart from elegant outfits, some learners had grand entrances such as arriving in a convoy of beautiful cars with posters of their face pasted on the individuals cars.

“Another learner arrived in a convoy of about 10 VW Golfs and a pickup in which the learner stood [for all to see]. It was nice. Those who arrived in vehicles that make noise would spin and skid,” remarked Kangootui, who planned to enter in the company of a fire truck and firefighters but because of time it didn’t materialise. Nonetheless, she arrived in a Jeep Rubicon with her family by her side.

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