Toya Delazy Africa concert to pass through Windhoek

Toya Delazy Africa concert to pass through Windhoek

South African sensation Latoya Buthelezi – better known by her stage name Toya Delazy – is set to perform live in concert next week at the Warehouse Theatre as part of her ‘Rocking The City’ Africa tour, which involves 20 shows in seven countries over seven weeks.

Toya DeLazy has been topping the charts and winning award after award as of late. Her music is an eclectic mix of jazz, pop and electro and her albums, ‘Due Drop’, ‘Ascension’ and ‘Due Drop-Deluxe’, were well received.
Some of her hit singles include ‘Pump It On’, ‘Love Is in the Air’, ‘Are You Gonna Stay?’, ‘Heart’ and ‘Memoriam’.

After the Windhoek concert on October 22, the multi-award-winning artist will continue her tour to three other countries, including, Botswana, Kenya and before rounding off in Johannesburg on November 4.

Delazy was the brand ambassador for the Reebok Classics Drop R range between 2011 and 2012. In an interview with Youth Village, she said Reebok approached her and told her that they liked her fashion flair, music, and style.
She represented the brand throughout Africa and had the creative power to certify her own classics. In addition to music, Delazy’s love also extends to the fashion world.

She believes fashion expresses one’s sense of freedom and showcases their individualism. She has described her fashion style as classy and funky. Her style includes street and vintage pieces. In April 2013, Legit Clothing in South Africa and Namibia launched a clothing line inspired by Delazy.

Delazy has described her sound as JEHP, an acronym for the fusion of jazz, electro hop, and pop. Her music draws from her daily life experiences. Delazy has been influenced by artists, such as Kate Nash, John Legend, Radiohead, Tracy Chapman, Aṣa, Goldfish, Imogen Heap, Adele, Kings of Leon, Regina Spektor, John Lennon, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Black Eyed Peas, Sara Bareilles, Nirvana, Deadmau5 and Skrillex. Her love for music was inspired by classical and orchestral songs, like ‘Clair de Lune’ and ‘Psalms of David’. She was also inspired by Lauryn Hill after watching Sister Act.

Tickets to her show are available online at and also from Airtime City Kiosks, Biltong Shop Maerua Mall and the Warehouse Theatre for N$120, or N$140 at the door.

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