Lucrative stakes at Helao Nafidi boxing bonanza

Lucrative stakes at Helao Nafidi boxing bonanza

Mayor of Helao Nafidi, Eliaser Nghipangelwa, is a man who puts his money where his mouth is.
Nghipangelwa has announced that he would once again sponsor a floating trophy and N$10 000 towards the hosting of the annual Helao Nafidi Business Expo Boxing Bonanza to be staged this weekend.

The boxing bonanza, featuring three professional bouts, promises to be a humdinger with 12 mouth-watering under-card bouts.

The likeable mayor launched the sponsorship prior to his appointment as mayor, and has this year upped the sponsorship money from N$3 000 to N$10 000.

According to the town’s first citizen, the FWGTJ trophy, as it is known, and the monetary support towards the boxing bonanza is aimed at motivating young gifted athletes from all walks all life to partake in boxing.

In addition, the mayor says with this monetary support, the boxing bonanza is likely to attract boxers from outside the region. The boxing showcase also provides a platform for the young generation to get to know some of the renowned boxers.

“It will also be a good opportunity to identify talent and promote boxing in and around of the Ohangwena region,” charges Nghipangelwa, who also happens to be boxer.

Prior to the sponsorship, unlike other sport codes, those who participated in the boxing bonanza walked away empty-handed, as council could not afford to reward participants.

“I saw the need to motivate the boxers and that is when the idea of the sponsorship was born.”

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