Too much football kills sports field

Whilst the Namibian government is burning the midnight oil to construct new sports stadiums in all corners of the country, existing recreational facilities are falling apart.

An example of this is the once popular Khomasdal football stadium that is now a pale shadow of the stadium that used to successfully host high-profile MTC Premiership matches just a few seasons ago.

The playing surface resembles an unattended dumping ground as a result of being overused, aided by the City of Windhoek’s dismal failure to allow the surface some breathing space.

The stadium has become the hub for all sorts of marathon football knockout tournaments played almost every other weekend by social footballers and popular fiercely contested rural football and exciting netball tourneys.

Primarily featuring athletes from the predominantly Ovaherero-speaking community representing their respective regions and villages of origin, the appetizing ‘supposedly” rural tourneys have become a much sought-after commodity and the staple food of the body and soul of many a football follower.

The tournaments are also proving to be a major source of income for unemployed footballers, cashing in on the handsome win bonuses derived from the lucrative prize monies at stake, while event organizers are reportedly smiling all the way to the bank stacked with piles of moolah from the fat gate-takings.

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