Madame Shea cares for healthy hair

Madame Shea cares for healthy hair

We all know that maintaining healthy hair is no simple task. However, with a little guidance, you are well on your way to a stunning journey.

If you struggling with your hair, you do not know your hair type or having a difficult time finding the right products, the newly elected Namibian brand ambassador for Hong Kong-based Madame Shea company is here to empower women to live fearlessly and embrace their natural hair.

Madame Shea is a hair care company that serves the needs of people of colour worldwide. The company has expanded rapidly to Namibia, South Africa and Europe. The whole mission behind Madame Shea is to provide a place where women can get the tools and education necessary to have healthy and happy hair.

Madame Shea has women brand ambassadors in all 13 regions in Namibia, who are passionate about natural hair and empowering women to convey the brand philosophy of beauty from the inside out, to help create awareness and educate each other when it comes to getting and then maintaining healthy hair.

Patricia Heitha, one of the ambassadors in Windhoek, says that it was a competitive and fun race to become a Madame Shea Brand Ambassador and a privilege, since she has always had a passion for taking good care of her hair.
Heitha says it is not easy to maintain healthy hair and that is where the Madame Shea Brand ambassadors come in.

“In essence, the core of Madame Shea is caring for your real hair because we want to make sure that your hair is really healthy and you have edges, this is a big problem, especially when it comes to women with ethnic hair as they tend to be drawn to weaves.

“As brand ambassadors, it is vital that we firstly know about our own hair and are educated enough about hair issues and the Madame Shea hair products so that we know how to tackle hair queries from clients,” she says.

Heitha says being a representative of the Madame Shea brand there is a certain way brand ambassadors have to carry themselves in an exemplary manner that requires them to uphold the highest standards.

“Even something like this, it’s not just me being interviewed but our whole squad. We all work very hard to make sure that we give excellence to the region we have been chosen to represent,” she says.

Heitha says that taking care of natural hair is not the problem but the lack of education and resources has always been the problem.

“Black hair is a very sensitive topic for many women. Especially since the media tends to portray ‘black hair’ or ethnic hair as ‘bad’ nappy and very difficult to take care of. As a brand ambassador, I feel that is part of our duties to erase that distorted image about ,black hair, by firstly educating and listening to the needs of your natural hair and also by encouraging women of colour with natural or relaxed [hair] to rock their hair with pride,” says Heitha.

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