My Candid View: NFA, NPL leaders have run out of steam

My Candid View: NFA, NPL leaders have run out of steam

At this specific moment, it is very difficult to run away from the crisis and politics in Namibian football and when one closely reads between the lines it brings home some ugly truths about the kind of leadership we have in football.

The problem with football leaders in Namibia is their self-centeredness and lucid lack of dignity, because how does one explain a situation where a leader has failed to fulfil his mandate and equally failed to address the plight of the players but still has the temerity to shamelessly cling onto power.

As we speak, the Namibia Football Association (NFA) and Namibia Premier League (NPL) leadership appear to have run out of steam and equally seem clueless on what is to be done next in order to address the livelihood of footballers. This week’s Talk of the Nation show on NBC TV bore testimony to my claims.

To say the least, the show – paradoxical to its intended purpose – turned out a huge embarrassment, leaving the viewers with nothing newsworthy to note and mind you, this is a platform where we had the NFA secretary-general, Namibia Football Players Union (NAFPU) secretary-general and another football veteran.

Instead of providing solutions, as a collective, and sharing ideas on how to rescue Namibian football from the mess it finds itself in, the three gentlemen instead chose to wage a war of words with each protecting his interest and justifying their shortcomings – especially the NFA and NAFPU representatives.

Again, there was nothing mentioned about the players’ plight or how they (NFA and NAFPU) were planning to address the crisis faced by Namibian football nor did any of them come with a written proposal aimed to moving football into second gear. It was nothing but a battle of egos and trying to point out each other’s failures instead to sticking to the relevant topic at hand.

NFA and NAFPU, as the vanguards of the game of football in Namibia, should be on the forefront of innovation and transformation that aims to benefit the players and until we put personalities aside and start addressing issues, we will never get anywhere nor will we ever be ready to admit our own failures and strengths. Until next time, sharp sharp!!

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