Namibian Desert Queen on being Face of Hope Journey Namibia

Namibian Desert Queen on being Face of Hope Journey Namibia

By Pinehas Nakaziko

Well-known local songstress Priscilla Topnaar, popularly known as ‘Namibian Desert Queen’ or just ‘Priscilla’, has added another feather to her cap and a boost to her career, after being chosen as the new Face of Hope Journey Namibia.

Hope International is a pageant founded in South Africa last year that aims at empowering women and children through education, community care and charity. The organisation has now engaged with other 12 countries, including Namibia. Hope Journey Namibia was officially launched last Friday. The pageant will take place in Cape Town, South Africa on 21 – 27 November.

Their first international pageant was hosted earlier this year where local and international model, Meriam Kaxuxwena, was crowned as Miss Hope International and Zelnadia de Waal as the first princess.

Priscilla became the Face of Hope Journey Namibia after being asked by De Waal, who is the director of Hope Journey Namibia organisation. The organisation was in search of local musicians who could become brand ambassadors for the organisation.

Priscilla says the organisation wanted musicians or a musician who has “the pulling power to inspire the Namibian nation through motivational talks and music”.

Being professional at all times, dedicated, reliable, punctual and hardworking has gotten Priscilla the green light to be part of the organisation.

To Priscilla, hope means she understands and believes beyond any reasonable doubt that the sun will come up tomorrow and that ever-dark cloud has a silver lining.

“That faith is accompanied by hope. That trust is aligned with hope, and that hope saves many lives,” she says.

“I am doing as much as I can, motivating my fans and giving motivational speeches to the entire community. I am also inspiring through my music and being present with my fan base and my country,” says Priscilla.

She adds that there are so many bad things happening nowadays and to have a beam of light or a ray of sunshine is just by believing that sorrow may last for the night but joy comes in the morning.

Responding to the question on how difficult it is to have such responsibility as a musician and at the same time be the face of Hope Journey Namibia, Priscilla says it’s not really difficult since she loves both responsibilities equally.

“My passion is people; it gives me genuine pleasure to serve others. I tend to give out so much more and I expect nothing in return,” delighted Priscilla, adding that she believes “one must be an inspiration and motivation, with the talents that God blessed us with.”

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