Master Plan League to kick-off in Omuthiya

Master Plan League to kick-off in Omuthiya

By Obrein Simasiku

The second leg of the newly-established Master Plan Football League will officially kick-off in Omuthiya tomorrow, where a handful of veteran players will be in action.

Upon conclusion of the tournament, a final group of players will then be selected from the participating teams and will later participate in a similar tournament to held in Botswana.

The local league is being played once a month and consists mainly of players over the age of 35 years and organisers says one of the objectives is to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“This is to encourage the elderly, who are not active in sporting activities, to go out and play a part. The tournament plays an important role in keeping the players’ health and also keeping them intact socially,” said one of the organisers.

Five master teams from Otavi, Grootfontein, Rietfontein, Tsumeb and Omuthiya are expected to partake in the league, which is slated to end towards the beginning of next year.

Interim chief organiser of the league David Vatilila echoed the same sentiments and said: “The aim of the league is to take the elderly out of the shebeens and present some opportunities to them in which they can have some sort of leisure”

He further added that the league sets an example to young people who do not want to participate in sporting activities.

Meanwhile, Omuthiya Legends captain Asser Nampala said they hope to get sponsors to make the league a success and bigger. The lack of funds and resources is the reason for the monthly playoffs.

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