New musicians dominating the airwaves

New musicians dominating the airwaves


A group of new music artists has taken over the airwaves and their music is currently on demand according to music promoter and music shop owner Dragan ‘Antonio’ Bozidar Dzokic, whose shop specialises in local music. New Era Weekend now gives you the top five artists, and their best-hit track songs, whose music you are likely to hear in a taxi, jukebox, radio or at a house party during this holiday season.

Artist: Jomolizo
Song Tracks: ‘Kaandjetu’ & ‘Respect’

Jomolizo, real name is Alweendo Moses, is a northern-based music artist whose debut 12 tracks album is titled ‘Kaandjetu.’ The album was released in August this year and one of the popular track is ‘Kaandjetu.’ Another popular track on the album is ‘Respect.’ Jomolizo says his album is selling because it caters for everyone’ music taste and his lyrics contain a powerful message.
Artist: Bantu
Song Tracks: ‘Pamba’ & ‘Special Woman’

Multi-genre singer, Mepolo Asser, popularly known as Bantu, hails from the village of Oshivanda Shanghatanga in Okalongo, Omusati region. Although he released his new music album towards the end of last year, the album only started gaining momentum at the beginning of this year. His 11 tracks album is titled ‘The Power of Babel’ with the hit songs ‘Pamba’, an appreciation song that tell people to appreciate what they are given by God. Another popular song on the album is ‘Special Woman’, a love song that tells men to love and respect their women. According to Bantu, his album is selling because of its unique sounds and quality of the music it contained. “The music is great and my songs are educational and motivational,” says Bantu.

Artist: D Square
Song Tracks: ‘Egeero’ & ‘Kanangale’

Namundjebo Denzel David known by his stage name ‘D Square’ released his gospel album titled The Advisor at the beginning of this year. Some of his track music went viral on social media. The 17 tracks album consists of songs such as ‘Egeero’ and ‘Kanangale’. In Egeero, D Square tells the people to stop all evils to avoid God’s punishment. In Kanangale he warns people to stay away from alcohol abuse, gambling and drugs. “The message on this album is huge. This is the album in which I have put all my efforts and all the hard works. I worked on it for almost three years before it came out in 2016,” he says.

Artist: Orizza
Song Track: Apology

Hafeni ‘Orizza’ Immanuel, released his kwaito music album Music Embassy with 14 tracks, but one of the tracks ‘Apology’ is the most played song on the album. The music video of the song attracted 50 000 viewers on You Tube within couple of months of its being released. This is even though the album also has another Kwaito track, ‘Eemhedi Dange’, featuring musicians Exit and Neslow. But that is not as popular as ‘Apology.’ Orizza describes his album as motivational, educational and entertaining, and as his personal inspiration to continue providing good quality music to his fans. Of the collaboration with Exit and Neslow, Orizza says: “This is a nice song in which all of us are just singing of what we feel about ourselves and how our best friends act in hard time and good times.” “My album is not only containing song that can entertain in the locations and songs that make me to be able to perform in township areas such as universities or at special events,” he says.


Artist: Kakukutu
Song Tracks: ‘Anaconda’ & ‘Kasarande’

Paulus Nghipangelwa, well known as Kakukutu, released his masterpiece music album ‘Anaconda’ this year. Kakukutu is a former singer from the Ndilimani Cultural Troupe’s. The album has a nice feel of singura and Kwasa Kwasa genres. In the album, one can find songs such as ‘Kasarande’, which features Ndina and Helen. His album is selling like hot cakes and enjoying massive airplays at local radio stations.


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