What Namibians think of Trump triumph

What Namibians think of Trump triumph

Namibians share their views with New Era Weekend on Donald Trump becoming the president-elect of the USA.

Hafeni Mweendeleli: Trump will be a president of America and a president for every US citizen. He will rebuild his country and make it great again. He will increase security measures for his country and build a good relationship with Russia. He will be more focused on his country but not to Africa. He would discourage laziness, greed, corruption and Africans’ dependency syndrome. His main goal is for every person on earth to take pride and build their countries. There is more to Trump than the perceived racism. He is the right candidate for the US.
Amtenya Kangombe Fatkop: Donald Trump is just an American president. He has nothing to do with Africa. African must develop their continent. Americans are happy with him that’s why they voted for him.

Ahty Nestor: People in Africa had high hope when Obama was elected but he did not change the US policy towards Africa. We rather looked to countries like China. American presidents must constitutionally abide by their own establishment and the American citizens. Stop begging money from America. Let’s revive our resources and depend on it please, forever.

Lavinia Hakwenye: Donald trump is the president of America (not Africa) and promised to make his country great again. He warned African leaders, whose countries’ economy depend on US aid while the countries have resources, to cater for their people and stop their dependency tendency because he is not going to entertain greedy, lazy, corrupt and selfish leaders.

Risto Tangeni Nakanyala: This has sent shockwaves across the world not because Trump is bad. It is because the media was biased against him, underestimated and discredited him. But his campaign strategy and message to the Americans was stronger. His grassroots based campaign has won him a ticket to the White House.

Suama Winny Abiatar: I think Americans had a tough decision to make. Faced with two evils they chose the one they don’t know politically. Yes it was clearly a wrong choice, but the alternative wasn’t any better. We can only hope their governance structures will protect them from this result.

Lineck Erastus: It’s a meaningless win to Africa and the whole world, and even to Americans itself. The way this man was speaking during his campaign showed that it will be tough four years ahead.

Tuhafeni Captain Nghimtina: I am not well convinced about the leadership of Mr Trump. Him being a president of the USA will not benefit Africans at all as he still believe in white supremacy and doesn’t recognise blacks at all. I can already imagine our investments with the international world going down. Anyways I am congratulating him and wish him the best during his tenure.

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