K-Boz on the move

K-Boz on the move

Well known local producer, musician and DJ, Bosley Keya, popularly known as K-Boz, is the man behind the success of some of the established local artists.

Now at the age of 35, K-Boz speaks of his career highlights, from producing the hits for established artists such as Sally, Gazza, The Dogg, to Blossom, Exit and PDK.

In fact, K-Boz is the one who produced the hit song ‘Natural’ by Sally, which saw her scooping the title of the Best Female Southern Africa in All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) two weeks ago.

K-Boz says Exit and Mushe were among some of the best artists he has enjoyed working with so far, as they are easy to work with.

“I have been very instrumental in the music industry, especially with upcoming artists,” he says.
Born in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1980, K-Boz moved to Namibia in the 2000s. He attended music classes at Sunshine Private School in Nairobi from 1996 to 1999 where he was pursing in music. K-Boz said his passion for music started long ago when he was just a kid.

“I came from a family where listening to music and collecting music was a norm. My father collected a lot of music from all parts of the world and I always used to sneak in his room to listen to the music while he is at work,” says K-Boz.

K-Boz has also produced the song ‘Kwateni Omnona’ for Gazza that won him the Best Male Artist of the Year award at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) in 2013 and the song ‘Kuna M’kweni’ featuring Nigerian singer, Davido.

K-Boz is also the one who produced the song ‘Get Some More’ for The Dogg, and co-produced ‘Shukifakwi’, which won Song of the Year at this year’s NAMAs.

Also among his successes are ‘Party Tonight’ he produced for Tequila – which won her Best Female artist of the Year in 2012; ‘Onkalamwenyo’ by Mushe -which won him Best Male Artist of the Year in 2013; ‘That’s Why by Cyberspace’, which won Best Single Non Album in 2012; ‘Koskola Daar’ by Exit, which won Best Kwaito and ‘No Worry’ by Tswazis, which won the group Best New Comer at the NAMAs.

Part of K-Boz’s inspiration came from radio. He reminisces how, back in the days during his teenager years in Kenya, he would listen to radio, taking note of how presenters do their shows and how advertising materials are packaged for listeners.

“I was always inspired by how radio personalities in Kenya do their shows, especially on how the adverts and jingles are done. That inspired me into making jingles and adverts. I always wrote small scripts on paper and would walk around the house imagining I am creating an advert with effects,” he says.

His first scene in the radio is 2001 when he used to work for Unam Radio presenting Crazy Clue show every Saturday afternoon and Mix with DJ K-Boz, a night show every Friday night. He has worked for Energy 100FM from 2004 to 2008, as a Head of Production. During his time at Energy 100FM, he also used to host a Turn It up show.

“Before I came to radio production, most jingles and adverts were plain and boring, just a voice and a beat. I started the whole effects on jingles and playing with voices, which most radio stations have adapted now too,” he says.

In 2011, K-Boz wanted to do something different and released his 14-track album titled ‘Strictly Streets’, which was well received by the nation. “At the time I released house music since it was only getting a reception in Namibia. But ‘African Love’ was my biggest song to date,” says K-Boz.

The album contained one of the hottest songs, ‘I Feel’ featuring Star, which went viral on social media. “Because of my album, I still get gigs because of that album, even though I did not do that much in the past six years,” he says.
He adds that he is not in a rush to release another album. “For me, satisfaction is in seeing others excel through my work.

Upcoming artists such as Hilifa, Afroberries and Tulisan, are just some few that I am concentrating on helping to uplift their talents this year,” he says.

K-Boz, who is happily married to his wife Sally Keya (known as Boss Madam) and blessed with one kid, says he loves his family very much and for him, it has been the best blessing one could ever ask for. “There is nothing as great as family. It’s a blessing from God.”


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