Moses questions boxing board’s mondus operandi

Moses questions boxing board’s mondus operandi


Local boxing trainer Imms Moses has come out with guns smoking accusing the trigger happy Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) of double standards.

Moses is irked by the board’s unwillingness to sanction the much-hyped World Boxing Association (WBA) Pan African Junior Middleweight bout between Namibian boxer Tony Jarman and South African opponent Nkululeko, slated for Windhoek next weekend.

The youthful boxing mentor says he has noticed with disgust how the chairman of the board Ellison Hijarunguru, is trying to shield the board from scrutiny by seeking refuge in outdated laws.

“Seriously, for him to insists that the board could no sanction the fight as a result of incomplete forms is a cock and bull story because considering our fragile or rather precarious financial position, such rules would be impractical,” charges Moses.

“As far as I’m concerned, boxers featuring in under card four-rounders are not obliged to undertake blood tests for each and every fight because of the financial constraints.

Moses adds that it should be noted that these boxers earned a paltry amount of N$3,000 appearance fee per fight whilst they must also cough up around about N$800,00 for blood tests leaving them with very little to take home.
“If the board has revoked the rules in the meantime, it should have been communicated to all promoters since such resolutions affect us gravely”.

Furthermore, Moses urged the country’s boxing authorities to rethink the hardcore stance by insisting the (30) thirty-day upfront payment before sanctioning international fights.

He also took aim at the shoddy fashion in which the new board under the stewardship of Hijarunguru is conducting its business.

There have been a number of unpleasant episodes unfolding within the family of boxing of late, for example the mysterious suspension of the long serving secretary general Joe Kaperu, and Moses wants answers.

“Without an iota of doubt, there’s lack of transparency and accountability at hand here. Up to this day, as bona fide affiliates and legitimate stakeholders, we are yet to be properly or officially informed about the charges against the grounded boxing official that warranted suspension and for how long the brother would be sidelined. You can’t suspend people indefinitely”.

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