What happened to integrity and dignity?

What happened to integrity and dignity?

I’m still perplexed by the NPL’s announcement that the league will start next year February, an announcement that was slackly made at the NPL’s recent AGM without the league leadership providing any concrete facts that will
really convince the country’s stranded footballers that their immediate future is truly taken care of come next.

Look , I partly appreciate the boldness of the NPL’s leadership to come out clean and publicly tell the entire
nation that there won’t be any football activities this year due to their own dismal failure to secure a league sponsor/s to get the ball rolling in time.

But what I have said time and again is that when you have a leader who takes a league that was worth more than
N$15-million and he fails to maintain the status quo dragging it into the mud to an extend where the league
is currently valued at about N$3-million – than we as football loving Namibians should be very concerned
with what’s in store for us.

To put it fair and square, the current football leadership in my honest opinion has failed the nation and there is no
other word or way to safely put it. It’s nothing personal, trust you me it’s really not, but fully support those who
are calling for the head of NPL chairman Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb.

In all honesty, at this point it is seriously beyond conventional wisdom to understand as to what and why Doeseb is still wearing the NPL chairmanship hat because I would have that when one messes up to such an extend and throws the lives of hundreds of footballers into disarray, he or she is automatically compelled by integrity and dignity to step
down and make way for someone who has fresh ideas and a clean image.

Because when reading between the lines, it is quite clear that the general public has lost faith in the current
leadership and I think it is also safe to postulate that potential sponsors are equally backtracking and shying away
due to lack of trust in the current NPL leadership – hence my call for some fresh blood.

What Namibian football needs at this point in time is to pull together professionals in football (technically),
marketing, PR, Legal, finance, medicine, ICT, media, etc; people who have a plan, knows what they are doing
and also know what they want to achieve in the short and long term because at the end of the day institutions
are bigger than individuals.

Thus it has to be crystal clear that Namibian football cannot be centered around a small group of apparently
untouchable individuals. Until next time, sharp sharp!

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