He who claims to raise the dead

He who claims to raise the dead


According to ‘Apostle’ Paul Shetu his ‘Damascus moment’ dawned on him while pursuing his engineering degree in the Russian capital city of Moscow. There he was attending the Good News Church under pastor Rick Renner, an American. Shetu, who addresses himself as either ‘apostle’ or ‘pastor’, says it was somewhere in 2004 (he can’t remember the month) while on his way to a regular youth prayer gathering that he came upon a crowd of people in a metro subway.

“I found paramedics surrounding a body in the subway in the metro. I am saying a body because this person was actually dead. When I came closer I saw that they were actually preparing the body to take it to the mortuary or whatever the next procedure was,” said Shetu. It was then that he “was instructed by God to pray for the corpse”.

“So I came closer and closer and I am very bold to say that I have an amazing, very good relationship with the Lord, who then told me go around this person, pray in the spirit, and I did it. By the time I completed a circle to where I started this person stood up like somebody who was late for work and he overslept. That was it, I went my way.

Definitely the paramedics reacted, everybody ran in their own direction and I went my way,” said Shetu. He says he also straightened a Russian twin girl with a spinal hunchback deformity. “I told the girl: ‘You are a cripple, a born cripple but that is a lie.’ In that hour definitely, the Lord was with me … [as] I spoke these words I could actually see her bones were straightening up in her body. I could hear the sound of those bones as if you are standing next to a garage … it was real … what an experience. Few minutes down the line in this conversation, this girl actually went back walking upright.”

Upon his return to Namibia at the end of 2005 he claims to have prayed for two Namibians who came back from the dead. He claims the young man for whom he prayed to come back from the dead told his grief-stricken mother that the heavens rejected him because he was a liar and a smoker. “The boy actually said that the angels were instructed to take him to hell after he was judged and found condemned. Like I said I don’t take records but good enough I always remember what happened,” said Shetu who claims to have on numerous occasions experienced being taken to hell and the heavens and back to earth to “warn people on the dangers of sin”.

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