Personality Profile: Who is this?

Personality Profile: Who is this?

Asnath Katuvemuine Kaperu

Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA)

Place of Origin
I was born in Omaruru, Erongo Region, and grew up in Katutura.

I hold a Master of Science in Education Administration and Supervision, B. Ed Degree: Education Management and a Higher Education Diploma: Secondary.

Place of Residence
Hochland Park, Windhoek

What one word would you use to describe yourself?

What made you pick the clothes you are wearing today?
Today I’m adhering to the NQA’s corporate culture. On Fridays we wear our corporate colours and as comfortable as possible to wind down from the hectic week.

Who would you take on a date on space and why?
I would take the Founding President of Namibia, Dr Sam Nujoma. I would like to tap into his determination that kept him going and focussed on the goal to liberate Namibia amid all the challenges he faced.

Tell us about your upbringing – how were your parents like?
I am the firstborn of seven siblings and was raised in a very modest environment. As a firstborn, it was expected of me to be exemplary and take care of my siblings as well as the household chores from a very tender age. That made me to become the hardworking person I am today. My mother was (and still is) a very strict and hardworking woman and always wanted me to be focussed in life, be respectful and work hard. She always underscored the importance of education. My father (stepfather) was always there for me and he was the one who encouraged and persuaded me to study further after matric (Grade 12). I got a job offer at the Rossing Uranium Mine and did not think of further studies. I am what I am because of my parents.

Which celebrities you believe are the most influential?
The most influential celebrities have qualities that win people over and establish them as respected and much-loved figures in the eyes of their fans and the wider world. They have a vision and know how to communicate it. They make sure that their beliefs and aims are reflected in every interaction. They share what they have, be it knowledge, love or material things. I am talking about people like Oprah Winfrey and the late Bob Marley, among others.

What do you like to watch on TV?
I am not really a TV person, but sometimes I watch documentaries and some reality TV.

What is you favourite music?
Reggae music followed by Jazz

Whom do you love more: your parents, friends, spouse, kids, siblings, or yourself?
I love them all but differently. I believe in the three types of love stipulated in the Bible namely, Eros: based on the strong feeling we have against one another (romantic love), Agape: is the love that God commanded all believers to have for everyone and Philos: this is a unique kind of love like the one you have for a friend or comrade. It refers to loving one another just like your brother or sister. This love is for a friend who is really close and dear to us and it is characterised by various different shared experiences between two people.

What kind of child were you – what are your most cherished childhood memories?
I was a very experimental child and loved being outdoors. I spent my first eight years at a village and used to herd goats, among other village chores. My most cherished childhood memories are late afternoons spent with my great-grandmother sitting around the fire with a cup of coffee watching the sunset with the view of the Brandberg Mountain.

How did you meet your spouse/partner?
I met my husband at college (The Academy) through sport. We were both karatekas and being the gentleman that he is, would insist on carrying my gym bag.

When have you been most satisfied and proud of in your life and/or career?
When I was part of the team that hosted the very successful International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education conference in Windhoek in 2010.

If you could be or do anything else – what?
I am very passionate about quality education. Therefore, I would like to remain in the quality assurance arena and contribute towards ensuring quality qualifications for all.

Who is your role model or from whom do you draw inspiration as an adult?
I regularly read books or articles by individuals who have achieved extraordinary things in their professional careers and draw my inspiration from their experiences. I also often go for quick refreshing walks to get my brain in gear. I love getting together with credible individuals to brainstorm new ideas.

How would you like the Namibian society (and the world) to remember you?
They should remember me as Asnath Kaperu, the person. Those close to me will know my values and qualities and remember them.
What things do you not like to do or do not take well to?
I hate procrastination. If something needs to be done it should be done right away. No delays.

Do you believe in life after death? Good and evil? God? Are you a spiritual person?
I am a Christian. I believe that there is a Super Power controlling our lives. I believe in life hereafter. What I do not know is when and how that life will be.

What is the one thing about you few people know?
I was a vegetarian for one month only until I came across a matangara (tripe) dish that I could not resist.


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