Town council profile – tell us about your town

Town council profile – tell us about your town

What town council is this?
Eenhana Town Council

Can we have a brief introduction of the CEO and the date of appointment?
Walde Natangwe Ndevashiya is the CEO. I was born in Tsumeb but moved shortly to Engela where I attended the primary grades. I then moved to Haimbili Secondary School and subsequently to Andimba Toivo ya Toivo where I completed [Grade 12]. I obtained a three-year National Diploma in Public Administration from the then [Polytechnic] of Namibia now the Namibian University of Science and Technology (NUST). I hold a Masters’ Degree in Development Studies from the University of Free States and I am also currently pursuing a doctorate in executive with the Netherland School of Business. At NUST I also served on the Student Representative Council as the Secretary of Culture and Academic Affairs. I was also appointed as one of the first staff members of the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology Directorate of Vocational Education and Training where I worked as a clerical officer, while in my second year at NUST. Part of the job entailed procuring materials for the trainees and coordinating training for staff members. I was later appointed by the then education minister Nahas Angula to work with consultants to undertake a feasibility studies for the establishment of Community Skills Development Centres (COSDEC). I was part of the conceptualisation, feasibility and the drafting of the funding proposal for the establishment of COSDEC.

I also worked as Research and Information Officer at parliament serving both the National Assembly and National Council. I further moved to head the Policy Development and Training desk at the Association of Local Authorities in Namibia. In addition to that I also served as a project manager for biomass energy saving project at Desert Research Foundation of Namibia. The primary focus was to promote sustainable use of energy resource. I then also served as the head of Local Economic Developer for Ongwediva Town Council. In 2006 I took over as the Chief Executive Officer at Eenhana Town Council.

What is your strategic vision for this town, on which premise you are working to develop the town?
My strategic vision cannot be divorced from that of the council. As council we strive to render service to our residents and contribute to improved life of our residents and to ensure the town have a competitive advantage.

What programmes has the town council’ executive management put in place to achieve the vision you just articulated to us?

The council has a good crafted strategic plan that clearly outlines our vision and mission for the next five years. The strategic plan is the council’s road map to drive the developmental agenda of the town, which is inclusive of the provision of service, land delivery and housing allocation. Currently, the town is in the process of putting up basic infrastructures at various suburbs at the town to ensure we reach our target of proving at least 6500 erven by 2017. We have already started and look forward to the realisation of this project. We have further created local and international partnerships and have signed twining agreements with Belgium, Botswana and China. The aim is to foster relationships that can aid in developing the town further.

What make the programmes you mentioned important to the residents of the town?
Our programmes are aligned to the needs of our residents. As a council we strive to invest in programmes that would positively impact the local economy of our town. And as such we are optimistic that come 2017 we will be able to have more residents having roofs over their heads. We have further engaged in aggressive marketing of our and held various stakeholder engagement programmes with the sole purpose of luring investors to the town and subsequently improve service delivery at the town.

Can we have the estimated population of the town?
We have a population of about 15 000, however we serve at least 30 000 people from the surrounding area.

Tell us about the challenges currently confronting the town’s executive management team and the council?
The challenges that we face as council is a mismatch between the organisation structure and strategic objectives. Such mismatch hinders attracting the required personnel with the required skills to drive the town forward and the successful implementation of the council’s strategic plan. There is a need to create a strategic fit, but I should acknowledge that council has hardworking personnel. Another challenge experienced is the lack of resources. The lack of resources put council in a tight position when comes to recruitment of personnel with a certain calibre because the council cannot afford to remunerate them competitively.

What are the initiatives being employed to address these challenges and when does the executive and council expect to have addressed these challenges?

The council through the capacity building and training policy have trained various staff members in the relevant fields. The council has also introduced a Personal Development Plan for its staff members to identify areas in which they need training. The council already have staff members who have undertaken courses in the areas they deem challenging. Such programmes are fully funded by the council. In addition to that council has also introduced a performance management system. Currently, the programme only targets the managerial staff but would soon be rolled out to non-managerial personnel to ensure that all council personnel performances are evaluated. The council has further engaged in public private partnerships to service land and as such all the suburbs have been build through the public private partnership agreements.

As the town council’s CEO, how do you want this town to be in five years from now on?
Five years from now I want all our goals as stipulated in the strategic plan realised. We also want that five years from now on our economy should be revolving in the town. And thus it is guaranteed if we can provide our residents with all the basic services needed.

Do you have any specially designed empowerment or development programme for youths and the vulnerable in your town? What are these?

Council is grooming youth to take up leadership positions in future through the Junior Councillors programme. Through such programme we want them to inculcate amongst them a sense of patriotism, a better understanding how local authorities operate as well as the concept of service delivery. We have also established a council support and youth development officers who handles youth development projects at the town. Apart from that we also do coordinated events with the council where we yearly send learners from Haimbili Haufiku for leadership training at Rock Lodge in Okahandja amongst others.

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